Plum nuclear gas


Mei nuclear gas, the name of the Chinese medicine certificate, refers to the cause of emotional failure, liver gas hysteresis, sputum gas mutual knotting, stopped in the pharynx caused by the pharynx, to swallow seems to have plum nucleation, giggles, swallowing not down, from time to time as the main manifestation of the disease. Clinically characterized by abnormal sensations in the throat, but no effect on eating. Chinese medicine liver disease, Chinese medicine throat disease, Chinese medicine mental illness can be seen in this medical certificate.
Modern medicine is called pharyngology, and is often diagnosed as pharyngological neurology, or pharyngology, rickets. The disease is mostly among middle-age people, mostly women.
Mei nuclear gas mainly due to bad mood, liver gas knot, follow the upper back, knot in the throat or by the spleen of the stomach, transport loss division, zin liquid must not be infusion cloth, condensation into sputum, sputum gas knot in the throat caused.
Clinical performance
Abnormal sensations in the pharynx, such as sputum stickyness, ant-line sensation, burning sensation, obstruction feeling, foreign sense and so on.

1. Take the feeling of foreign body in the pharynx as the main symptom, but does not hinder the diet. The sedition of symptoms is related to changes in sentiment.
2. Check the throat all parts of the see are basically normal, can also be seen chronic pharyngitis.
3. Discomfort caused by other throat diseases, basic plum-free nuclear gas phenomenon, and can be checked out of the throat lesions.
4. The lesions can be directly observed by kneading method outside the throat, which is the key point of diagnosis. It is a positive diagnosis that the foreign sense disappears at the same time when rubbing.
Dialectical treatment

1. Sputum knots
Testimony: conscious throat has a foreign object infarction feeling, swallow not down, can not, or upstream and downstream erratic, or somewhere fixed. Symptoms vary frequently and irregularly. No effect on diet, generally in eating, work, study, talk and laugh and other spiritual transfer elsewhere, foreign obstruction symptoms significantly reduced or even disappeared. Most common among middle-age women. Many patients are not emotionally stable and suspected of cancer. Rule: dredging liver to de-depress, gasification of sputum. Main party: half summer thick park soup ("Kim's short") plus or minus. Prescriptions: Faxia, Hopu, to dates, purple stalks, ginger.
If the liver depression is more severe, can be added incense attachment, tulips, white herring, crust; sputum more nauseous evil, add orange red, melon 蒌skin, Sichuan bay; Nadyu poop whitening, chen skin, heroning, hot licorice; gas pan-acid plus cloves, zircon; liver diarrhoeal fire plus peony skin, hazelnuts, smallpox powder and so on.
2. Liver depression
Symptoms: chest full of stuffy or painful, or breast and less bloating pain, good rest, warm噫 frequency, dull food, or swallowing such as obstruction, swallowing disadvantage, or see neck 瘿 tumor, emotional depression, abdominal accumulation, menstruation, or even amenorrhea, moss thin, pulse string. Rule: dredging the liver to solve depression, gas dispersion. Main party: Chaihu dredging liver dispersion plus and minus. Prescriptions: Chaihu, Chihu, Kawakubo, shell, incense attachment, chen skin, tulips, Buddha hands, hot licorice. Can be added half summer, thick, earthy, purple stalks and other drugs.
3. Liver loss of voice
Symptoms: throat infarction, site uncertainty; cough not out, swallow not down, sometimes no, when light and heavy, often change with mood changes, depression is more and more serious, symptoms become more serious; There are no abnormalities in the throat test. Often accompanied by feelings of unhappy, suspicious and thoughtful, less talk, chest tightness, insomnia heart palpitations, menstruation and so on. The tongue is light red moss thin and the pulse is thin. Rule: dredging the liver to solve the depression, smooth throat opening. Main party: Tongzi Qingyin soup. Prescriptions: musc meat, orange terrier, licorice, tulips, incense, wood butterflies.
Mossy sputum wet person, add kernels, zea, grass in front of the car.
Other therapies
1. P

This therapy is very important for the treatment of this evidence, to relieve ideological concerns, to maintain a comfortable mood, so that patients empathetic and easy, often can achieve incurable effect. Suggestive therapy can be performed with the patient's trust.
2. Dietary therapy
(1) Hehua steamed pig liver Hehua (dry) 10 to 12 grams, put in a dish, add a little water, soak 4 to 6 hours, and then the pig liver 100 to 150 grams sliced, in the same dish, add salt a little flavoring, steamed water, pig liver.
(2) Rose tea Rose petals (dry) 6 to 10 grams, put in the teapot, boiling water, cover for a moment, tea.
(3) Onion boiled grapefruit skin fresh grapefruit skin 1, on a charcoal fire on the outer yellow-brown charred, scraped off the surface, and then let people soak in water for 1 day, so that its bitter taste. Then cut and boil, when cooked with two onions chopped to add, seasoned with oil, salt, seasoning.