Chinese medicine to treat acne


Acne is what we usually call "acne", medically called "acne", face acne is very common. According to statistics 95% of people in adolescence have suffered from different degrees of "acne", and some people have a long face acne can self-subside, for the face of repeated acne, long-term treatment of patients long acne is really a painful thing, heard that some drugs may have side effects, so want to know: Chinese medicine can cure acne on the face?

1, blood fever causes acne, it is advisable to use cool serum heat method

Blood fever acne, mostly caused by emotional injury, gas depression, heat, hot camp blood. Its facial papules to the mouth and nose and between the eyebrows for more, facial hot ness is obvious, women still have menstruation before and after the increase of papules, tongue red, pulse details and so on. When used. With cold blood five flower soup (red flower, chicken crown flower, rose, wild chrysanthemum, linghua) peach red four soup (peach, raw land, red, red flower, when return, Sichuan) plus and minus treatment, its effect is quite good.

2, lung fever causes acne, it is advisable to use the method of exhausting lung fever

Lung fever acne, mostly caused by lung fever, resuscitating the wind evil, so that lung fever must not be caused by leakage. Its long papules, such as millet, can squeeze out white pink oil, rash around the nose, but also visible in the forehead, there may be blackhead acne, and accompanied by dry mouth and nose, stool dry knot, moss yellow, tongue red, pulse number. When used. It is advisable to use lax white dispersion (sandskin, ground bone skin, rice, licorice) to clear the lung drink (ginseng, huanglian, yellow cypress, leaves, mulberry, licorice) to cure it.

3, stomach fever causes acne, it is appropriate to use the diarrhea gastrointestinal method

Gastric fever acne, mostly by the diet is not good, over-eating fat ganache, so that the gastrointestinal knot, medium coking heat, depressed in the facial skin and caused. Its facial papules, such as millet, can squeeze out white powder-like oil, between black-headed acne, to the mouth as much, but also visible in the back and front chest, and often accompanied by dry mouth odor, diet more, dry tongue, happy cold drink, constipation knots, solid and powerful veins. It's best to do it. With the gastric dispersal (yellow lian, when returned, raw land, litera, denpe, gypsum) plus and minus treatment, very examined.

4, wet toxic blood clots cause acne, it is appropriate to use dehumidification method

Can drinking Chinese medicine cure acne? This type of acne, mostly by the vegetarian body moisture, depressed skin, re-feel the outside poison, wet venom condensation, blockmeridian, gas blood disamo on the result. In addition to papules, pustules, it is often dominated by nodule cysts, and the skin produces more oil. It's best to do it. With dehumidification detox soup (earthworms, dates, dates, fennel, car fronts, soybean yellow rolls, Zeyu, plate blue root, chia) plus and minus treatment, will be effective.




5. Hot poison causes acne, it is advisable to use the heat detoxification method

This acne is caused by the lung and stomach heat, resonating the external toxic, thermotoxic knot, caused by the facial skin. Its symptoms are facial scattered in the papules, to small pustules-based, often around red halo, conscious pain, serious can be red and swollen pain, accompanied by fever, tongue red moss, pulse and so on. When the above rule of law. With five-flavor disinfection drink (gold and silver flowers, wild chrysanthemums, alfalfa ding, dandelion, purple-backed geranium) with the disease, its effect is good.Visible in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, will dialectical treatment, Chinese medicine for different types of acne patients can be very good conditioning, but for acne treatment, in addition to to adhere to formal treatment, in daily life care can not be ignored.

6, body cold has wet acne, it is appropriate to use the cold dehumidification method

Body cold has wet patients are more common in women, clinical manifestations often have cold hands and feet afraid of cold, or winter afraid of cold, summer afraid of heat. Female patients will have less menstrual menstruation, menstrual abdominal pain and other symptoms. The tongue is light, the tongue has tooth marks, the tongue moss is thin white or white. Fine or thin chords. At this time can be used Chaihu Guizhi dried ginger soup.

Summarize the application points of this square with a simple sentence. Mainly used for cold patients afraid of cold hands and feet cold, patients accompanied or not accompanied by menstrual volume less abdominal pain, tongue color must be light white, thin veins or fine strings. In the use of this square, can be combined with five-taste disinfection drink, can improve the efficacy. If inflammatory papules are more obvious and more pus, they can also be cleaned with fire needles. It's a week and it's clear.