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filiform needl for acupuncture

traditional acupuncture therapy

Acupuncture Therapy, also known as "body acupuncture", is a needle-punching tool. It performs a certain operation method through the acupoints on the fourteen meridians of the human body, and regulates the blood and blood to adjust the functions of the meridians and organs. A method of treating related diseases. Acupuncture therapy is the most important and most commonly used therapy in traditional acupuncture and medicine in China. It is the main body of thorn therapy.
The technical methods specifically applied in clinical practice include needle insertion, needle insertion, needle retention, and needle insertion. Needle A method of piercing a needle into the skin. When entering the needle, it is generally used with the left and right hands. Holding the needle in the right hand, holding the needle handle by the thumb, food, and middle finger, grasping the force and the angle and depth of the needle when entering the needle, called the stab hand; pressing the acupuncture point or the needle body with the left hand to fix the skin of the acupoint, to prevent The needle is bent and can avoid pain, which promotes the acquisition of acupuncture, called the hand. 1 specific method of needle insertion: including the method of cutting the needle, clamping the needle, relaxing the needle, and pulling the needle. The finger cutting method is suitable for short needles, the clamping method is suitable for long needles, the relaxation method is suitable for skin relaxation (such as the abdomen), and the kneading method is suitable for shallow skin (such as the head and face).

2 needle angle: the angle formed by the pointer body and the skin surface. Clinically, the needle body and the acupoint skin are at right angles (90°), and the needle is inserted vertically, which is called a straight thorn, and is suitable for muscle thickening, such as limbs, abdomen, and waist. The needle body and the acupoint skin are at an angle of about 45°, and the needle is inclined into the needle, which is called oblique thorn. It is suitable for shallow muscles, or there are important organs and acupuncture points that are not suitable for straight and deep thorns. The needle body and the acupoint skin are 15°. ~25° angle, pierced along the skin, suitable for shallow muscles (such as the head and face), can also be used for a needle through two points, called transverse thorn or along the prickle, flat thorn. 3 Needle depth: the depth of the needle into the skin. Generally, the needle feel is obtained without damaging important organs. In addition to the decision based on the characteristics of the acupoints, it is also necessary to be flexible in clinical practice. If the body is thin, it should be shallow, the body obesity should be deep thorn; old, weak, pediatric should be shallow thorn, young and strong, strong and strong should be deep thorn; Yang card, evidence, early disease should be shallow thorn, Yin syndrome , Lizhen, long illness should be deep thorn; head, chest and back muscles should be shallow thorns, limbs, hips, abdomen and muscles should be deep thorns; hand and foot toe, palmar should be shallow thorns, elbow arms, legs The knee should be deep thorns and so on. The angle of acupuncture is related to depth. Generally speaking, deep thorns are mostly straight thorns, and shallow thorns are mostly thorns and transverse thorns. For the acupoints in the middle of the item, near the aorta, in the eye area, and in the chest and back, it is especially necessary to grasp the depth, direction and angle of the oblique thorn to avoid damage. The needle is also called acupuncture. After the needle is inserted, in order to obtain, maintain and enhance the operation method of acupuncture induction (also known as gas). After the needle is in the air, the needle is left in the acupoint for a period of time. When the needle is still not ventilated after the needle is placed, the needle can be kept by the needle, and the needle feeling is called, which is called the waiting gas. After the needle has been obtained, the needle can maintain the needle feel and enhance the acupuncture treatment. During the needle retention process, the needle can be re-stretched to enhance the needle feel and to conduct the needle sense along the meridian. The length of the needle retention time depends on the specific situation. Such as Yinzheng, cold syndrome, Lizheng, long course of disease and deep evil, strong body, should stay for a long time; Yangzheng, heat syndrome, evidence, short course and evil spirits, weak or small children, should stay less needles, even No needles are left. Intractability, pain, spasticity, and coma, shock, etc. should stay for a long time. In general, the needle retention time is 15 to 30 minutes. Needle A method of withdrawing the needle from the body when the needle reaches a certain treatment requirement after the needle or needle is left. When the needle is taken out, first use the left hand thumb and the food finger to sterilize the dry cotton ball around the pinhole, hold the needle with the right hand for a slight twist, and slowly lift the needle to the skin, and finally withdraw the needle completely out of the body. After the needle is removed, the needle should be quickly pressed with a sterile dry cotton ball to prevent bleeding, also known as the sputum method. After the needle is dispensed, the needle hole may not be pressed to make the evil atmosphere escape. This is a kind of acupuncture and diarrhea, which belongs to the diarrhea method of reclamation and diarrhea. Check the number of stitches after the needle is removed to avoid leakage. And take a rest for a while, pay attention to keep the area clean.

All acupuncture treatments can be treated with acupuncture. The precautions mainly include: 1 When acupuncture is taken, the doctor must concentrate on it, carefully engage, observe the patient's expression at any time, ask the patient to feel and observe the patient's reaction, experience the situation after acupuncture, and try to control the amount of stimulation. 2 Patients should not take acupuncture immediately when they are hungry, tired or over-stressed. For patients with thin body and qi deficiency and blood loss, the method of acupuncture should not be too heavy, and should be used as far as possible. 3 for pregnant women acupuncture can not be too strong, the needle feel should not be too strong. The acupoints of the lumbosacral and lower abdomen, as well as the points of Laogong, Yongquan, Xingjian, Taichong, Shixuan, etc., should not be acupuncture. 4 When the child's card is not in the same position, the acupuncture at the top of the head should not be acupuncture. 5 Acupuncture should be used with caution in patients with bleeding disorders, chronic diseases, and undiagnosed critically ill patients. 6 Acupuncture points on the chest, flank, waist, and back viscera are not suitable for straight thorns and deep thorns. Patients with hepatosplenomegaly and emphysema should pay more attention. In the eye area and the top of the wind, the dumb door and other points, as well as the acupoints of the spine, we must also pay attention to a certain angle, and it is even more difficult to insert, twist and retain the needle for a long time, so as not to damage the important tissues and organs, resulting in serious defects. as a result of. 7 For patients with urinary retention and other acupuncture at small abdominal acupoints, you should also have appropriate acupuncture direction, angle, depth, etc., so as to avoid accidental accidents such as accidental injury to the bladder and other organ

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small needle knife for acupuncture

Small needle knife therapy is a closed lysis between surgical and non-surgical treatments. It is formed by acupuncture method based on the incision surgery method. The small needle knife therapy operation is characterized by easy cutting in the deep part of the treatment site to the lesion, and peeling off harmful tissues to achieve the purpose of relieving pain and rickets. The indications are mainly soft tissue injury lesions and bone and joint lesions. The advantage of small needle knife therapy is that the treatment process is simple to operate and is not subject to any environmental or conditional constraints. When the treatment is small, the incision is small, there is no suture, the damage to the human tissue is small, and it is not easy to cause infection, no adverse reactions, the patient has no obvious pain and fear, no need for rest after surgery, short treatment time, short treatment period, and the patient is easy to accept.

The small needle knife therapy is an acupuncture tool made of a metal material and shaped like a needle and a knife. It is developed on the basis of the sputum (sound "wound") needle and the front needle in the ancient nine-needle, combined with the modern medical surgical scalpel. It is the product of organic combination with the soft tissue release surgery. It has been more than ten years. The history has been further developed in recent years and is valued by the world.

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modern long-term acupuncture

1. Concept:

Acupoint embedding is a kind of acupoint therapy developed by traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion combined with modern technology. It is to embed protein absorbable lines and other acupoints, and to promote the body's stress, cellular immune activation, anti-inflammatory, etc. through the continuous stimulation and stimulation of the acupoints and meridians in the acupoints, so as to prevent and treat diseases. purpose.

2, indications:

Acupoint embedding therapy has a wide range of indications, and basically covers all acupuncture treatments. Among them, the disease is particularly prominent.

(1) For chronic functional diseases such as chronic stomach diseases, diarrhea, constipation, etc.

(2) immune diseases

(3) Metabolic disease

(4) Various pain diseases

(5) beauty promotion, freckle, weight loss

3, commonly used needles:

(1) Disinfection trocar: consists of a needle and a needle core. Sterile protein thread should be inserted into the needle for use.

(2) Disposable sterile embedding needle package: Connotation of disposable sterile embedding needle, sheep gut, sterile gauze, scissors, tweezers, masks, gloves, sealing sleeves, plastic trays, etc.

(3) Special one-time sterile embedding needle: It consists of a needle and a worn protein thread, which can be used directly without the need to wear a separate protein line.

(4) Embedding line: commonly used embedding line with gut line, absorbable surgical suture or special protein line, etc., and some drugs and embedding lines are combined to form a drug line for clinical application.

4, the characteristics of acupoint embedding:

(1) Acupuncture, acupoints and drugs combined

Acupoint embedding is a combination therapy that combines acupuncture acupuncture, burying needles, and drug acupoints, and combines multiple treatment methods.

(2) less acupoints, less pain, good curative effect

Acupoint embedding is generally less acupuncture than acupuncture, and the pain is small, especially suitable for people who are too sensitive to acupuncture. At the same time, the clinical can receive significant results.

(3) Long interval and long lasting effect

Acupoint embedding therapy usually takes 7 to 15 days for treatment, and some special treatments have longer treatment intervals. The process of protein line is slowly decomposed and absorbed in acupoint tissue, which continuously stimulates and stimulates acupoints and meridians, increases the effective action time on the acupoints, and exerts great influence on the nervous system, immune system, metabolic system, etc. of the body. Promote the role, and the duration of this effect is also more durable.back to top


floating needle for acupuncture

Floating needle therapy is acupuncture treatment of loosening connective tissue in the non-disease area with a disposable floating needle. It has the characteristics of minimal pain, no side effects, quick effect and wide indication.

Recent studies have shown that the traditional acupuncture plays a major role in the superficial fascia: subcutaneous loose connective tissue. Floating needle therapy does not go deep into the multi-layered tissue like traditional acupuncture, only acts on the superficial fascia, and the force is effective.

Floating needle therapy only stimulates superficial subcutaneous tissue in non-lesional areas, so it is safe and safer than traditional acupuncture and massage.

Floating needle therapy stimulates the area of loose connective tissue under the skin to be 20-30 times that of traditional acupuncture, so its curative effect is greatly improved: (1) As long as it is an indication, it is effective on the spot every time, and acupuncture points are needed. ) greatly reduced; (2) only one or two needle points each time, traditional acupuncture needs 10-20 points; (3) the number of treatments is greatly shortened, generally chronic lesions 3-4 times, while traditional acupuncture The treatment takes 7-10 times.

Acupuncture indications
As for its indications, in general, as long as it is an indication for acupuncture, floating needle therapy is more competent, and now our clinical also shows that: the indications of internal medicine, floating needle therapy often have a good effect. Specifically, it is roughly as follows: chronic headache, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, tenosynovitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, knee arthritis, old ankle injury, and herpes zoster Tonic pain, cholecystitis cholelithiasis, chronic stomach pain (chronic gastritis gastric ulcer), urinary tract stones, chronic appendicitis, cervicitis, dysmenorrhea, etc.

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three- edged needle

Triangular needle bleeding
The triangular needle is a needle made of rusted steel with a needle length of about 6 cm. The needle handle is slightly thick and cylindrical, the needle body is triangular, the tip has three sides and the needle tip is sharp.

The triangular needle is called the "front needle". The ancients attached great importance to this. For example, "Lingshu·Nine-needle Theory" said that the front needle of the nine-needle is mainly used for "diarrhea fever"; "Lingshu·nine needles and twelve originals" proposed "菀陈则In addition to the treatment principle of "going to the bloodline"; "Lingshu·Official Needle" has more records of "coagulation", "praise" and "leopard tattoo". It can be seen that the ancients have rich experience in puncture and bloodletting, and it also shows that the three-needle acupuncture and bloodletting method is a very important and commonly used acupuncture method.
The three-needle needle bloodletting therapy has the functions of promoting vital activity, opening diarrhea and diarrhea, reducing swelling and relieving pain. Its adaptability range is wide, and all kinds of evidence, heat syndrome, blood stasis, pain, etc. can be applied. More commonly used in certain acute and chronic diseases, such as fainting, high fever, heat stroke, stroke syndrome, sore throat, stubbornness, sputum, contusion, phlegm, hemorrhoids, recalcitrant, headache, erysipelas, finger (toe ) numb and so on.back to top


ear acupuncture

Auricular acupuncture
Auricular acupuncture refers to a method of acupuncture or other methods to stimulate the auricles of the ear to prevent disease. Methods for diagnosing diseases and stimulating auricles to prevent diseases through the ear, ear, have long been recorded in ancient Chinese literature. In the past 30 years, China has carried out a large number of clinical practice of auricular acupuncture therapy, and carried out experimental research with modern scientific knowledge, and gradually formed a unique academic system of auricular acupuncture in China. In addition to traditional acupuncture, there are also electrical stimulation, embedding, bloodletting, injection, magnetic therapy, ear clip, drug, paste, pill, laser, etc. More than 20 kinds.
Scope of application
Auricular acupuncture has a wide range of diseases in clinical treatment, not only for the treatment of many functional diseases, but also for some organic diseases. Examples of indications are as follows:
1. Various painful diseases
Such as headache, migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, intercostal neuralgia, herpes zoster, sciatic pain and other neuropathic pain; sprain, contusion, stiff neck and other traumatic pain; facial features, brain, chest and abdomen, limbs The pain caused by the wound after surgery; the pain after anesthesia, low back pain and other pain after surgery have a good analgesic effect.
2. Various inflammatory conditions
Such as acute combination of membranous inflammation, otitis media, periodontitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, mumps, bronchitis, enteritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, rheumatoid arthritis, facial neuritis, peripheral neuritis, etc., have certain anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.
3. Some dysfunctional disorders
Such as vertigo, arrhythmia, hypertension, hyperhidrosis, intestinal dysfunction, irregular menstruation, enuresis, neurasthenia, snoring, etc., have a benign adjustment, promote the relief and recovery of the disease.
4. Allergies and allergic conditions
Such as allergic rhinitis, asthma, allergic colitis, urticaria, etc., can reduce inflammation, desensitization, improve immune function.
5. Endocrine and metabolic disorders
Such as simple goiter, hyperthyroidism, menopausal syndrome, etc., have improved symptoms, reduce the amount of drugs and other adjuvant treatment.
6. Partial infectious diseases
For example, for bacillary dysentery, malaria, and young flat warts, there is a function of restoring and improving the body's rabbit plague defense function to accelerate the cure of the disease.back to top


prod tendons

The ribs are also known as the ancient Indian indigenous ribs.
Ancient India is one of the world's four ancient civilizations, the birthplace of human civilization. Ancient Indian civilization deeply influenced the development of world civilization with its extraordinary richness, mystery and magic. Ancient India in the fields of literature, philosophy and natural sciences Civilization has made outstanding contributions.
In order to survive and develop, in the process of struggle between man and nature, the ancient Indians formed and accumulated rich and magical ancient civilization techniques in the natural sciences; ancient Indian indigenous tendons, which were circulated among ancient Indian tribes, The ancient folk law used by ancient Indians to treat and heal was once lost.
Ancient Indian indigenous ribs, the tools used are called "duck bars", according to legend, the use of extremely unique natural materials, divided into "yin, yang" two sticks, there are many mysterious in the material and manufacturing process.
When using the ancient Indian indigenous ribs, a unique wiping method is applied to specific parts of the human body, which can cause a positive body reaction, increase metabolism, enhance immunity, and stimulate the body. Natural self-healing potential.
Ancient Indian indigenous tendons are a kind of green, healthy and original ancient prescription therapy, which has broad application space in dealing with various modern civilization diseases, health care and sub-health.
It is understood that the therapy is based on the overall human body view of Chinese medicine and the theory of qi and blood and the physiological and pathological theory of modern medicine. It carries out unique pathological analysis and understanding of human discomfort and various pathological reactions, and adopts corresponding methods to adjust. The technology, targeted to the corresponding diseased tissue of the human body, acts on the associated tissues and parts to achieve effective treatment, health care and rehabilitation.
The therapy is characterized by a unique understanding of the pathogenesis of the disease, and under the principle of differential diagnosis, appropriate methods are adopted for targeted adjustment and treatment. Years of clinical practice has proved that the method is applicable to the treatment of a variety of common diseases and difficult diseases, and has a rapid and effective therapeutic effect. This treatment has unique advantages in treating common surgical painful diseases. It treats common painful diseases such as neck pain, shoulder pain, lumbar pain, and knee and knee pain. It has short-term effects, high blood pressure, migraine, and dizziness. Common medical diseases such as insomnia, tremors of palsy (Parkinson's disease), sequelae of stroke, sequelae of cerebral palsy in children, epilepsy and other common difficult diseases have unique pathological understanding and conditioning methodsback to top


scraping and cuping

Scraping therapy
The scraping therapy is to use a smooth bamboo board, a porcelain piece, a small spoon, a copper coin, a coin, a glass, or a tool such as hair or ramie. The cooking oil or water is repeatedly applied from the top to the bottom and from the inside to the outside. For the treatment of related diseases.
Treatment mechanism
The therapy has the functions of ventilating blood, sweating, dispersing the muscles, regulating the spleen and stomach, and the points of the five internal organs are distributed on the back. After the treatment, the dirty and turbid gas can be spread outside, which promotes the smooth flow of the whole body. Go out of evil. According to modern medical analysis, the therapy first acts on the nervous system, and through the conduction of nerve endings to strengthen the body's defense function. Secondly, it can act on the circulatory system, so that the blood reflux is accelerated, the circulation is enhanced, the circulation of lymph fluid is accelerated, and the metabolism is vigorous. According to research, this therapy has obvious antipyretic and analgesic effects.
First, snoring (multiple in the summer and autumn two seasons, micro-heat cold, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, chest and abdomen or swelling or pain, and even vomiting and diarrhea, more sudden onset): take the back spine from both sides Under the cure, if you see the dizzy, you can use the eyebrows and temples.
Second, heat stroke: take the spine from both sides from top to bottom and gently scrape, gradually increase.
Third, the injury testimony: take the patient's neck tendon (neck side) scraping.
Fourth, the injury in the summer card: take the back of the cure, and with the chest, neck and other places to cure.
Fifth, the beginning of wet temperature (see cold, anorexia, burnout, low fever, etc.): Take the back from top to bottom and scrape, and use ramie oil to rub in the armpit, back neck, elbow.
Sixth, cold: take 10 grams of ginger, scallion, chopped and evenly wrapped, hot wine first scratch the forehead, temples, and then scrape the back of the spine, can also be equipped with the elbow socket, armpit. If there is vomiting, add a scraping chest.
Seven, fever cough: take the neck down to the fourth lumbar vertebrae, while scraping the elbow, Quchi. If the cough is obvious, cure the chest again.
Eight, wind and heat sore throat: take the seventh cervical vertebra to the seventh thoracic vertebra (salt saline) scraping treatment, and with the front of the neck muscles (thoracic papillary muscles) about 50 times.
Nine, vomiting: take the spine from both sides from top to bottom to the waist.
Ten, abdominal pain: take the side of the back of the spine to cure. It can also cure the chest and abdomen at the same time.
Eleventh, hoarding: Take Changqiang points to the Dazhui points for curettage.
Twelve, vomiting caused by eating diarrhea: take the sides of the spine to scrape. Such as chest tightness, abdominal pain, severe pain, can be cured in the chest and abdomen.
Thirteen, dizziness: take the neck back smooth. Cooperate with scaling or pressing the temples.
Fourteen, calf pain: take the two sides of the spine (fifth thoracic vertebrae to the seventh lumbar vertebrae) scraping, and at the same time with the treatment of armpits.
Fifteen, sweat is not smooth: take the back, chest smooth. If the hands and feet are not sweaty, you can cure at the elbows and armpits.back to top

At present, there are many types of cans commonly used, such as bamboo cans, glass cans, and suction cans.
Bamboo can
(1) Materials and production Bamboo cans are made of bamboo with a diameter of 3 to 5 cm and made of 6 to 8 cm or 8 to 10 cm long, with one end for the bottom and the other end for the can, with a knife. Scrape the green skin and the inner membrane to make a cylinder shaped like a waist drum, and polish it with sandpaper to make the tank smooth and smooth.
(2) Advantages: easy to take, simple to make, light and durable, easy to carry, economical, and not easy to break; bamboo cans can be used not only for shoulders and other muscles, but also for wrists, ankles, and backs. Compared with small-diameter glass jars, the hand-back, shoulder-neck and other parts with less skin and thin meat have obvious advantages. In addition, the bamboo can therapy can be placed in a boiled liquid for boiling after being applied to the acupoint or body surface. The local blood circulation can be improved by the negative pressure, and the local fumigation effect can be achieved by the penetration of the liquid medicine, thereby forming a dual effect and enhancing the therapeutic effect.
(3) Disadvantages are easy to dry and leak; and opaque, it is difficult to observe the skin reaction in the tank, so it is not suitable for bloody cupping.
2. Glass jar
(1) Materials and production Glass jars are made of heat-resistant glass, which is shaped like a ball, with a lower end opening and a small mouth. According to the diameter of the can and the size of the cavity, it is divided into different models.
(2) Advantages The advantages are that the can mouth is smooth and the texture is transparent. It is convenient to observe the degree of skin congestion and blood stasis in the cupping area, so as to master the time of retaining the can; it is the most widely used canister in clinical practice, especially suitable for cans and flash cans. Pricking and cupping and needle retention.
(3) Disadvantages Fast heat conduction, easy burns, easy to break.
3. Pumping tank
(1) Materials and production The suction tank is made of plexiglass or transparent engineering resin material, and the piston of the tank top is used to control the extraction of air.
The mechanical pumping principle is used to create a negative pressure in the tank body, so that the tank body is adsorbed to a selected portion.
(2) Advantages The pumping tank does not need fire or electricity, eliminates unsafe hidden dangers and does not burn the skin; it is easy to operate and can be widely used for personal and family self-care, and is a popular cupping device.
(3) Disadvantages The warm stimulating effect of the cupping.
Clinical application
1. Method of cupping
Flashing method operation points: use a tweezers to clamp the alcohol cotton ball to ignite, and then take it out in the can and then take it out; quickly put the can on the part to be pulled, then it can be sucked.
2. Cupping application
(1) Retaining the can after the can is adsorbed on the body surface, so that the can is sucked and left in the operation site, generally for 5 to 10 minutes; mostly used for cold and dampness, neck and shoulder pain.
(2) Apply the oil to the cans of the cans, hold the cans, hold the bottom of the cans, push and pull up and down several times, until the skin is flushed; for large areas, muscles, such as the back; Mostly used for colds, coughs and other diseases.
(3) Immediately after the flash tank can be pulled out, it is repeatedly sucked and pulled repeatedly until the skin is flushed; it is mostly used for facial paralysis.
(4) Pricking the cupping with a plum needle or a triangular needle in the local spur or puncture bleeding; then cupping the tank to bleed 3 ~ 5 ml; more for acne and other skin diseases.
3. Cupping precautions
(1) When the operation is contraindicated, the cup should not be burned, otherwise it will burn the skin; the time of keeping the tank should not exceed 20 minutes, otherwise it will damage the skin.
(2) The site is contraindicated with skin allergies, ulcers, edema, and the heart, large blood vessels, and lower abdomen.
Cough cupping therapy
The main points were selected as acupoints and Feishu points; the wind-cold coughs were matched with Fengmen points; the wind-heat coughs were combined with Dazhui points. Use the flash fire method to cup, leave the tank for 8~10 minutes (the negative pressure in the younger children's tank should be small, the negative pressure is too large to easily hurt the skin of the child), and the child can also use the flash tank method, once a day, 3 ~5 times for 1 course of treatment.
2. neck and shoulder syndrome cupping therapy
The patient took the prone position, and the doctor applied a proper amount of scented scented oil on the skin of the neck and shoulder sternocleidomast muscle and the upper edge of the trapezius muscle in soreness, numbness and pain, and adsorbed the cupping on the skin and the lesion. The part pushes the cupping back and forth, and it is appropriate to have a purple-red or purple-black spot on the local skin. After walking the tank, use a triangular needle to puncture the spot at a point. Select a cup with a moderate diameter and use a flash fire method to cup the cup at the above location. Leave the can for about 10 minutes. Each hemorrhage is about 2 to 3 ml, once every other day, 5 times for 1 time. a course of treatment.
3. Knee arthritis cupping therapy
Can use the medicine tank therapy: put 15 grams of each of the live, solitary, windproof, papaya, mulberry, Chuanchuan, Achyranthes, Eucommia, Ai Ye, Spatholobus, Chuanxiong and Angelica into the bag, add water to boil for 5 minutes, then Put the small bamboo can into the juice for 10 minutes. When using it, use a pair of tweezers to hold the bamboo can and smash it directly into the affected side, the outer knee and the Heding point, each time for 15 minutes, once every other day, 10 times for 1 a course of treatment.back to top

moxibustion and fire needle

Moxibustion therapy
Moxibustion therapy is abbreviated as moxibustion method. It is the use of moxa or other drugs to burn on the surface of the body, warming, using the heat of moxibustion and the role of drugs, through the conduction of meridians, to warm the blood, Fuzheng Evil, to achieve a cure for disease.
Not only can cure diseases, but also prevent diseases. The experimental results show that moxibustion does enhance the body and prevent diseases.
Based on the meridian of traditional Chinese medicine, the body is burned and warmed on the acupoints of the body surface to achieve the effect of health care and prevention. The postpartum meridian is not smooth, and the hands and feet are cold, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, stomach pain and so on. The gas tone (祛 facial edema, eye bags, dark circles, pigmentation) has the functions of promoting vitality, qi activity, dehumidification and cold, swelling and dispersing, detoxification and beauty, and disease prevention and health care, and improving various sub-health states of the body.
Adjusting yin and yang
When the human body is balanced with yin and yang, the body is healthy, and people with yin and yang imbalances will develop various diseases. Moxibustion has the effect of regulating the yin and yang to replenish, thus restoring the balance of yin and yang.
Reconcile blood
Qi is the source of human life. Blood is the basic material of human beings. It has sufficient blood and gas, and the vitality of human life can be normal. Moxibustion can qi and nourish blood, and can also dilute the air machine, and can raise the gas, so that the gas can be reconciled to achieve the purpose of health care.
Wentong Meridian
Meridian is the path of blood and blood operation, and the meridian is smooth, which is conducive to the operation of blood and nutrients. Cold and damp and other diseases, after invading the human body, often block the meridians, leading to disease. With the effect of warming the skin, moxibustion warms the skin meridians, promotes blood circulation and collaterals, and treats various diseases caused by cold blood stasis and meridian stagnation.
In the righteousness, the evil can't be done. People's resistance is strong, and the ability to defend outside is strong, and diseases are not produced. Moxibustion can promote people's righteousness and strengthen people's disease prevention by applying moxibustion to certain acupoints, such as Dazhui, Zusanli, Qihai, Guanyuan, etc. The ability to treat diseases, and the different acupuncture points and parts of moxibustion can produce different beneficial effects. Whether it is regulating yin and yang, regulating qi and blood, or warming meridians and meridians, it is a direct or indirect beneficial effect on molybdenum, especially for debilitating cold. It is this kind of warming and tonifying effect that reconciles the effect of qi and blood to help people achieve the purpose of preventing disease and treating diseases and health care.
The meridians are distributed in various parts of the human body, inscribed in the organs, and the outer tissues are composed of muscles and bones. Normal body, blood and blood flow in the meridian, continuous operation, if due to wind, cold, heat, humidity, dryness, fire and other external factors, the human body or local blood stasis, meridian blocked, you can have swelling and pain Such symptoms and a series of dysfunctions, at this time, moxibustion treatment of certain acupoints, can play a role in reconciling qi and blood, dredge meridians, balance function, clinically can be used for sore swelling, frostbite, sputum closure, infertility, Twisted contusion, etc., especially in surgical and traumatology applications.
Fuyang Gut
The life of Laiyang is fundamental, and the life of the people is the one who loses its life. The reason is that the disease is yin and the yin is cold, and it is cold, and it is weak, and the vitality is weak. The yang is weak, the yin and yang are separated from the embolism, and the moxibustion is used to remove the chills and return to the sun to rescue them. This is beyond the reach of other acupoint stimulation therapies. "Treatise on Febrile Diseases" pointed out: "Slow yin disease, spit, cold hands and feet ... pulse is not, the moxibustion Shaoyin seven strong." "The next benefit, cold hands and feet, irritability, moxibustion yin, no pulse, moxibustion." Explain that those who are at risk of vomiting, lowering the weight, cold hands and feet, weak pulse, etc., such as the use of big Ai, heavy moxibustion Guanyuan, Shenque and other points, because Ai Ye has a pure yang nature, plus fire This is a yang, two yang, can often play the role of Fuyang solid, return to the sun to save the disease, to save the dying disease, clinically used for emergency treatment of acute illness, acute abdominal pain, diarrhea, dysentery and other emergency.
Sun stagnation
Because the yang is weak and not solid, it can cause stagnation, qi deficiency, depression, yin, long-term stagnation, uterine bleeding, slippery, etc., "Lingshu·Meridian" article: "The cavern "", so the qi deficiency subsided, the symptoms of organ sag are often treated with moxibustion. Regarding the stagnation, Li Dongyu, the founder of the spleen and stomach theory, also believes that "the trapped person, the fur is not allowed to be cold," "there is no world between him and the world, only the yin and yang are both, the yang is on the outside, the yin is in the inner, the present is the sag. The yang is plunged into the yin, and it is the yin and the yang, and the yang is revived. Therefore, moxibustion can not only play the role of benefiting temperature and yang, rising sun, and solidifying the fetus. It is also effective for Weiyang to be unconsolidated and unreasonable.
Moxibustion beauty
Anyone who knows about moxibustion knows that there are Wenyang qi, Wenjing Tongluo, Xiaoyu Sanjie, Buzhongyiqi. Moxibustion Guanyuan can consume the excess body fat to the maximum extent and achieve the effect of bodybuilding. After igniting the moxa stick, put it into the warm moxibustion device to generate warm stimulation, and cooperate with AI oil (or essential oil infiltration) around the meridian or the affected area to help the body to fully warm the meridians, which can warm up the vital energy, reconcile the blood and moisturize the skin. Function. Moxibustion is the most effective means of dispelling fatigue, restoring vitality, replenishing physical fitness, and balancing yin and yang. In short, moxibustion can induce heat by heat and make heat go out. Moxibustion can dispel cold and heat, indicating a two-way adjustment of the original functional state of the body. Especially with the increase of moxibustion and the expansion of clinical scope, this effect is increasingly recognized.back to top

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