What is rheumatism?
It is generally believed that rheumatism refers to rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Actually, rheumatism should be rheumatic disease. Where the violation of synovial membrane, cartilage, joints, flesh, ligaments, tendons, etc., with pain as the main performance, and can invade systemic diseases in multiple systems, regardless of the cause of the disease, are rheumatoid areas. Therefore, rheumatism is not a disease. It refers to a major disease that has not yet been clearly studied for its etiology and development mechanism.

How does TCM recognize the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis?
Chinese medicine believes that the three diseases are multi-factors, which are weak and overworked. They live in places cold and humid for a long time. They are not solid, wind, cold and heat. They take advantage of deficiency and evil, and are more than two evils. The three evils are heterozygous diseases. They are described as follows

. (1) Wind Hot invasive rheumatic fever mostly occurs in early spring and autumn and winter. At this time, the wind is full of wind and dryness, and wind and heat are exogenous evils. Wind and heat invade people and start to commit yang. Heat is evil, rapid heat, if the treatment is misdiagnosed, mistreatment, heat poisoning fire, deep human muscle meridian obstruction, blood loss and disease incidence.

(2) Humid Accumulation Feel Shushi evil, or dampness Yun long heat, or damp heat inside complex exogenous evils, resulting in heat and dampness of the evil spirits in the joints, muscles, leaving unsolved and the disease.

(3) The wind is cold, wet and stagnant, and the hot wind is cold and damp and the evil invades. When it goes by for a long time, the evil stays in the meridian and heats; or because the yang is partial, or because of yin deficiency and heat, the stagnation of the cold and dampness is easy. Heat, phlegm in the joint and the disease

(4) Yang Sheng Yin Fei Yin body yin deficiency blood heat, or long heat injury yin, water loss, fire, heat Yun in the inside, complex feeling in the heat, the two yang together, off the meridians, He encountered qi and blood and became enthusiasm.

(5) The patient's body has phlegm, feels heat evil, evil heat and phlegm meet, R fire, heat blocking obstruction meridian; or heat evil long stay, liquefaction is phlegm, when the blood stasis hurts Blood stagnationThe pathogenesis of the meridian joints.

(6) Insufficiency of blood deficiency, complex feelings of evil spirits, deficiency of joints, lack of blood, weak energy, and irrational anger are invulnerable to evils, heat, heat, and heat. In short, the occurrence of this disease is mainly due to the weakness of the righteousness, and the fact that the disease is not solid outside, and the evils invade the meridians and joints. Yin Xuan Yin deficiency of blood mainly exogenous evils to wind, cold, wet, heat-based. And for a long period of time, you have phlegm and stagnation of the meridian joints, resulting in recurrent illnesses and persistent difficulties.

Classification and treatment

(1) Weiyang is not solid during the active period. Exogenous evils block collaterals, see fever, chills, chills, sweat, and early morning stiffness, and the whole body has severe joint pain, but the bones tend to flex and stretch. When it is cold, it hurts. It can be safe. Pale tongue, thin coating, pulse floating tight or sinking Governing Law: Cold dehumidification, and Yingtong Recipe: Fangji Huangqi Decoction

2, evil phlegm and phlegm, damp heat phlegm disease see evil wind fever, joint swelling and heat pain, too cool The pain is reduced, the joint activity is limited, the hand can not hold the camera, the foot is difficult to follow, the bone scorching burning swelling and pain local heavy feeling, morning thirsty or thirsty do not want to drink, Huang Huang Chi, defecate unhappy or not true. Red tongue, greasy or greasy yellow; pulse number method: heat and dehumidification, Xuanxuan Tongluo prescription: Xuanxiong Tang Sanmian San addition and .subtraction
Remission period, paralysis, paralysis, joint swelling, pain and deformation: pain during activity. Stretch restriction, muscle tingling pain, skin loss of elasticity, according to slightly harder, enayka, skin dark complexion, or subcutaneous nodules, or limb numbness, eyelid edema. Dark red tongue or ecchymosis, phlegm, thin white pulse string astringent treatment of blood circulation, phlegm Tongluo Prescription: body pain Zhuyu Decoction 2, liver and kidney deficiency, qi deficiency syndrome see body weight loss , Deformation of the joints, muscle atrophy, pain in joints, stiff movements, restricted musculoskeletal urgency, weakness in waist and knees, dizziness, palpitation, shortness of breath, pale lips, pale tongue, thin, thin veins, or inability to heal the liver Kidney qi nourishing. Recipe: Duhuo Parasitic Decoction. Codonopsis

acupuncture treat for arthritis

[Prevention and Care] The purpose of this disease is to relieve joint inflammation, relieve pain, improve joint function delay and prevent joint deformity and organ damage. Therefore, it is necessary to actively carry out drug treatment, but also pay attention to the exercise of joint function and timely correct incorrect posture. Strengthen nutrition, enhance physical fitness, avoid moisture, cold and excessive fatigue. Patients in active stage should rest in bed and patients in recovery should perfo