Asthma is caused by feeling exogenous, eating improperly, emotional disorder, resulting in lung qi upside down, loss of prominence, or chronic illness qi deficiency, kidney loss, to breathing difficulties, and even mouth-lifting shoulders, nose flapping, can not Supine and other major clinical manifestations of a common disease. In severe cases, asthma may occur. As a symptom, asthma can occur in a variety of acute and chronic diseases. When asthma becomes the main symptom of a certain stage of these diseases, it is called asthma.
When asthma is the main clinical manifestation of asthmatic bronchitis, emphysema, cardiogenic asthma, pulmonary heart disease, etc. in Western medicine, reference may be made to the dialectical care of this syndrome.
Etiology and pathogenesis
Asthma is caused by exogenous attacks, improper diet, emotional disorders, and chronic illness. Cold or wind-heat attack on the lungs, failing to express in time and lingering in the lungs, obstructing the lungs, causing the lungs to lose their breath and returning to the top of the list; taking fat, cold, or addiction In the case of alcohol injury, the spleen loses health and transport, phlegm endogenous, stasis obstructs lung qi, sag down abnormalities and becomes vomiting; emotional irritability, worrying and grief end, breathlessness in the chest, or anger injure the liver, liver wood Anti-phlegm lung gold, so that the lung can not stop down, so that the lung gas on the contrary, asthma; chronic cough or chronic spleen lung disease insufficiency, resulting in lack of lung Qiyin, gas loss for the owner and for asthma.
The pathological changes of the asthma are mainly in the lungs and kidneys and are related to the liver, spleen and heart. The pathological nature is divided into actual and actual conditions, but at different stages of the disease development, there may be mutual transformation between the actual situation and the actual situation where there are intricate and complex situations. In general, asthma is in the lungs and virtual asthma is responsible for the lungs and kidneys. The serious stage of this disease is not only the lungs and kidneys, but also when the solitary yang desires to take off, it can create heart sickness.
Differential Treatment
(I) Dialectical points
1. Identifies actual breathing more than a long time, exhaled fast, gas rough voice, accompanied by coughing , pulse very strong, more anxious as real asthma; short breathing is difficult, deep breathing fast, low gas sound, rare Cough . The veins are weak or floating, and the illness is slow, when light and heavy, and when the case is worse, it is virtual asthma.
2. The patients with lung deficiency who have lung weakness do not have enough interest after breathing and wheezing. They are often accompanied by pale complexion, spontaneous sweating, and easy to catch cold. People with kidney deficiency also have asthma when they are at rest. Movements are even worse, accompanied by paleness.,Blush, cold, soft backache , knees pain ; heart Qi, Xin Yang debilitating, wheezing continued, accompanied by cyanosis, palpitations, edema, pulse or generation.
(b) Syndrome differentiation

Real gas
(1) Cold and silicosis
Syndrome performance: breathless chest tightness, phlegm and thin with foam, white color sticky, accompanied by chills, fever, headache, nasal congestion, no sweat, mouth thirst, thin white tongue coating, pulse floating tight.
Treatment law: Xuanfei heat. (The treatment representative: Ma Huang Tang He Hua Ga San addition and subtraction)
(2) Table cold lung fever
Syndrome performance: Excessive breathlessness, nose fan, cough but not cool, spitting sticky, chest bulging or pain, with cold, body heat, boredom, thirst, body pain, sweat or no sweat, red tongue, The most is thin white or yellow, and the pulse floats or slips.
Treatment rules: solution table Qingli, phlegm and asthma. (treatment representative: Maxin Shigan Decoction)
(3) Indulge in hot lungs
Syndrome performance: pant cough, chest pain, phlegm, thick, more blood, accompanied by boredom, sweating, sweating, thirst, cold, red face, throat, urine, astringent, or secret, Thin yellow or greasy moss, slippery pulse.
Treatment rules: heat phlegm, Xuanfei asthma. (treatment representative: Sangbaipi Decoction)
(4) Turbid obstructive lung
Syndrome performance: pant cough, chest tightness, and even chest and high, white, cough spit unpleasant, both vomiting evil, eat less, sticky mouth, thirst, greasy tongue, slippery pulse or sputum. Therapeutic side: Er Chen Tang He San San Yang Qin Tong Jia Min)
(5) Lung closure
Syndrome performance: Whenever emotional sensation induces, the sudden shortness of breath at the time of the whip, but the phlegm in the throat is not heard.Chest tightness, chest pain, phlegm, or insomnia, palpitations, thin fur, pulse string.
Treatment rules: Kai Yu gas and asthma. (treatment representative: Wumao Yinzi addition and subtraction)
2. Virtual breathing
(1) Loss of lung consumption
Syndrome performance: shortness of breath, short breath, low phlegm, phlegm in throat, weak cough, thin sputum, self-sweating, wind, pale tongue or moss stripping, weak or thin pulse.
Treatment rules: Bu Qi Qi Yin. (treatment representative: Shengmai Sanjie Bufei Decoction)
(2) Kidney deficiency is not satisfied
Syndrome performance: As soon as possible, the duration of breathlessness will be high, and the movement will be very breathtaking. If you inhale too much, your breath may not be continuenously, your skin may be thin, lung cough, or even urinary incontinence. Cold, pale tongue, white or black and lubricate, pulse is fine or weak.
Treatment law: kidney and gas. (Therapeutical representative: Jinkuishenqi Pill, Shenshen Powder, addition and subtraction)
(3) is not virtual asthma
Syndrome performance: asthmatic drama is severe, mouth open shoulder, nose flapping, sitting can not supine, slightly moving is breathless, flustered, irritability, blue lips, sweating, beads floating large No root, or see the rest, or blurred vision.
Treatment law: Fuyang solid off, the town's intake of kidney gas. (treatment representative: Shenfu tang。