Chinese medicine treatment of back pain

Chinese medicine treatment of back pain? Chinese medicine believes that low back pain is mainly related to factors such as feeling exogenous evils, falling servant damage and excessive labor. Feel the cold, or sit in the wetlands, or engage in heavier physical labor for a long time, or the waist flashing impact injury is not fully restored, can lead to waist and meridian qi and blood block, nowhere is pain. Insufficient endowment, or old blood loss, or excessive labor, damage to the kidney, "waist is the kidney of the house", the waist veins are lost in warmth, support, can cause low back pain, from the meridians, mainly Return to the sun bladder, Du Meridian, with veins and kidney (the kidney is a kidney). Therefore, the lumbar vertebral meridians, meridians, collaterals and glory are the main pathogenesis of low back pain. So Chinese medicine treats back pain?


1, damp heat type
Main symptoms: back pain, pain with hot feeling, turbid turbid yellow, bitter mouth, yellow greasy tongue, pulse string or number of turns.
The principle of treatment: clear and damp heat.
 Recipe: Addition and subtraction of Si Miao Pill.
 Cork 10g, Atractylodes lancea 10g, Achyranthes 9g, Glutinous rice 20g.
 2, gas stagnation
 Main symptoms: waist pain, painfulness, can not be tilted to the side, pain increased when coughing, thin fur, pulse string.
The principle of treatment: qi and pain, Tongluo Huoxue.
 Recipe: Fuyuan Huoxue Decoction.
 5g of firewood, 9g of trichosanthin, 9g of angelica, 6g of safflower, 6g of bark, 10g of rhubarb, 10g of peach kernel.
 3, blood stasis accumulation
 Main symptoms: back pain such as cones such as thorns, pain has a fixed position, pain in the waist activity or coughing, the tongue purple has freckles, pulse.
 The principle of treatment: promoting blood circulation, relieving collaterals.
 Recipe: Body pain and phlegm soup add and subtract.

 Gentiana 3g, chuangxiong 6g, peach kernel 9g, safflower 9g, bar grass 6g, scorpion live 3g, myrrh 6g, angelica 9g, sugar Wuling 6g, fragrant attached 3g, achyranthes 9g, qiu yin6g., 4, tang yi Resistance type main symptoms: soreness or pain in the waist, pain, fixed pain, local stiffness or deformity, physical fatigue, weight loss, pale or dark tongue, smooth pulse.
 The principle of treatment: warming and phlegm, phlegm and phlegm.
 Recipe: Yang and Tang addition and subtraction.
 30g of rehmannia, 6g of spicy rape, 2g of ginger charcoal, 3g of red root, 3g of osmanthus, 5g of staghorn gum.