beauty and freckle


From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, the root cause of chloasma is endocrine disorder. Menstruation disorder, Qi-blood disharmony are the root causes, Qi-blood deficiency will lead to a decline in estrogen levels in the body, melanin is easy to calm down. To really remove freckles, we must start with the whole body, on the basis of freckle removal, more is the comprehensive conditioning of body function. According to TCM, if viscera dysfunction, meridian blockade and insufficient Qi and blood can all be reflected on the face, the occurrence of chloasma is related to the disorder of viscera, Qi and blood, Chongren, and is the reflection of systemic diseases, and is most closely related to the dysfunction of liver, spleen and kidney.

Chloasma, also known as liver spot, is a yellowish-brown pigmentation on the face. Polysymmetrical butterfly-shaped distribution in the cheek. The main reason is the high level of estrogen in blood, which is related to pregnancy, long-term oral contraceptives and menstrual disorders.

Damage is yellowish brown or dark brown patches, often symmetrically distributed in cheek and zygoma, but also involving the orbital periorbital, forehead, upper lip and nose, the edge is generally more obvious. No subjective symptoms and general discomfort. The shade of spots is related to season, sunshine and endocrine factors. Mental strain, staying up late, and fatigue can aggravate skin lesions.