Clearing away heat and toxic material

The method of clearing away heat and detoxification defines the method of clearing away heat and detoxification according to the treatment principle of "heater cold" and "warmer clearing", and the treatment method for the syndrome of heat, toxicity, fire, blood and heat of tumor patients has The effects of clearing heat, detoxification, purging fire, cooling blood, etc. belong to the Qing law in the "eight laws." The pathogenesis "heat toxicity is not only one of the main causes of malignant tumors, but also one of the manifestations of tumor invasion and change. The syndrome differentiation belongs to the "RiHai" syndrome, which is divided into real heat, virtual heat, gas heat, and camp heat. The blood is hot, the heat of the viscera is better than the heat (such as lung heat and liver heat, stomach heat, lower heat, bladder heat, etc.) and the heat of the meridian. The heat can also be combined with various kinds to form waste heat, damp heat, heat heat, Hot and hot; hot poisonous flaming can damage the gas, hurt the yin, hurt the bones, causing the complexity of tumor pathogenesis and disease changes. Therefore, in the specific application of heat-clearing and detoxification method, it should be combined with Qi, Yin, and style. Tongluo and other treatments can obtain good therapeutic effects. Late stage or increased concurrent, local burning pain, thirst, constipation, urine yellow, pulse number and other symptoms, heat intoxication syndrome, it should be detoxification method Treatment. Qingrejiedu can clear or control the inflammation and infection around the tumor and alleviate the clinical symptoms. At the same time, Qingrejiedu has strong anti-tumor activity, so Qingrejiedu method is one of the more commonly used methods in the treatment of malignant tumors.

1. The core function of the method of removing heat and detoxification is to remove heat evils, such as heat and heat, gas heat, camp heat, blood, liver heat, stomach heat, lower heat, bladder heat and meridian heat. . 2. Synergistic law evil heat evil and other miscellaneous (such as summer, wet, wind, phlegm, phlegm and other diseases and evils), should choose different heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs and treatment changes. If the blood is forced to run on blood, it should be combined with the blood-supplemented hemostatic drug; if the blood stasis is long-lasting, it should be combined with Liangxue Huoxue. In addition, heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs are often applied simultaneously with drugs such as clearing heat, dispersing wind, plague, and dehumidification. The use of heat-clearing and antidote in dialectical can better play the role of "law and evil" in cancer treatment.

3. The law of the evil and the righteousness of the tumor patients are generally poor, the evil heat is more likely to damage the righteousness, and the evil test is conducive to the recovery of righteousness. If the heat evil is blazing, the consumption of the body fluid is the combination of the heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs and the nourishing yin and stagnation medicine; if the heat evil is the gas, the heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs are combined with the Yiqi Fuzheng. 4. According to the different parts and different performances of toxic heat, choose appropriate heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs, such as Huangqiqing on the heat, Huanglianqing in the heat, Huangbaiqing under the heat, Hawthorn clear three coke, gentian The diarrhea of ​​the liver and gallbladder is hot and humid, and the rhubarb diarrhea is hot and so on. Commonly used drugs for the treatment of tumors commonly used heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs are honeysuckle. Hedyotis diffusa, Scutellaria barbata L., Lobelia chinensis, Solanum nigrum L., Qiye Yihua, Shandougen, Banlangen, Daqingye, Polygonum cuspidatum, comfrey, purple diced, dandelion, houttuynia, Prunella vulgaris Grass penguin, Astragalus, Cork, Anemarrhena, berberine, medlar, paeonol, Sophora flavescens, gentian, stone cypress, bandit, purslane, brucea, bezoar, antelope horn, buffalo horn and so on. At present, through pharmacological research and clinical screening, it is proved that most of the heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs have strong anticancer activity, and can effectively extract and extract effective cancer-care components, such as camptothecin, mountain bean alkaloid, and vincristine. Vinblastine, andrographolide