Prevention of coronaviruses tea清肺茶

Clear lung detox soup, to prevent the new coronavirus infection pneumonia patients, focus on the patient's fatigue, fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, imaging changes and other symptoms, in order to quickly achieve good preventive effect.

Prevention of coronaviruses herbs

1.qing fei tang

Clear lung detox soup comes from Chinese medicine medicine prescription sings, including hemp no stone gan soup 
, shot ten hemp yellow soup, small chai Hu soup, five scattered, sexual taste flat and. 
, the organization of the formation and the service method. 
Ephedrine 15gGinger Sin 5 Hot Licorice Chai Mountain Diarrhea 9g Hu 16g Medicine 12g 
Pig Yellow 6g Gg Zhi Real 6: Raw stone paste 15 one 3 (fried first) Ginger half summer Chen Pi 6g 
Chinese medicine drink tablets, water frying. Pay every day, two times a day, two times a day , and 10 after conversion 
Temperature, three pay one treatment. 
If there are pieces, each time the medicine can be added to the rice soup half a tin, tongue ten quid, the tongue, the loss of 
The vacan can serve more than one bowl. Note: If the patient is not cooked, the amount of raw stone paste 
To be small, cooked or strong heat can be added to the amount of raw stone paste used). If the symptoms are good turn and not 
The more the better uses the younger brother two courses, if the patient has a special situation or its other foundation 
Sickness, brother-in-law two treatment course can be based on the actual situation of the improvement of the department, the symptoms of the failure of the 
, suitable for use. 
More her medical students in bed observation, which is suitable for light type, former surge type, heavy 
Type patients, in the treatment of severe lyspatients can be combined with the actual situation of the patient 
To source : the country's Chinese medicine network station in the recommendation of the central and western knottaiwan , the treatment of the new crown 
Sick pay-dyed shame in the inflamed with the knowledge of the "post-lung platoon" 
The country new boring
2.lian hua qing weng tang

Ingredients; lian, gold and silver flowers, scorched jute, fried bitter almonds, gypsum, plate blue root, horse-slinging crowd, fishy grass, broad musk, big yellow, red sky, mint brain, licorice.

Efficacy;Has the effect of detoxifying the plague and venting the heat of the lungs. For the treatment of influenza is a fever attack lung certificate, the disease sees fever or high fever, chills, muscle soreness, nasal congestion runny nose, cough, headache, sore throat, tongue red, moss yellow or yellow, etc. The coronavirus has a therapeutic and preventive effect, the gas is slightly fragrant, the taste is slightly bitter.