Treatment for epilepsy

Chinese medicine believes that the course of epilepsy is in the brain, and may also be related to some internal organs in Chinese medicine theory, such as liver, spleen, heart, and kidneys. It is believed that the internal organ dysfunction produces some pathological factors, including wind, fire, phlegm, and deficiency. Among the major types, the most critical ones are the wind and the wind-deficiency.
There are two types of Chinese medicine, which are "types of spasms", which are the kinds of spasms that we spit; and "invisible spasms," which are visible spasms. Many diseases are caused by invisible spasms. Causing the most common manifestations of epilepsy are sudden collapse of the patient, convulsions in the extremities, and sounds in the throat. The ancients believed that it was caused by the "invisible flaw" in the patient's body. Usually, "invisible flaws" lurked in the body, and they encountered some incentives. The most important one was "wind", such as "hepatic wind." This wind is not the wind of nature, but the "wind" of the human body. Being stimulated by the spirit and eating some irritating foods, it will cause "hepatic wind movement" and cause the invisibility of the body blood to block into the cerebral palsy. inverted.
Therefore, many traditional Chinese medicines for the treatment of epilepsy are based on "fighting wind" and "resolving phlegm." Of course, there are some patients who have a long period of onset and are relatively weak, which is the “virtual” factor. There are also many patients with a hot body and red tongue, which we call “fire”.

Chinese medicine treatment of epilepsy:
Classification and treatment 1, before the onset of liver turbidity often dizziness, chest tightness, fatigue, embolism can also be no obvious precursor. foam at the mouth, twitching between hands and feet, screaming in the throat. Reddish tongue, greasy moss; slippery pulse string treatment: Di Xie extinguishes the wind, set the epilepsy. Prescription medicine: Ding Xiaowan 9 grams of Tianma, 9 grams of Chuanbei 9 grams of ginger Pinellia, Poria 15 grams, 15 grams of Salvia miltiorrhiza, Polygala 12 grams of 12 grams of silkworm, gallbladder Southern Star 9 grams, 3 grams of whole lotus root, cinnabar 1.5 grams ( Rushing) Amber 3g (Research), 12 grams of mother of pearl, 5 grams of licorice. Shuijianbi, daily one. 2, during the onset of liver-heat fever, faint convulsions, spitting or screaming, irritability on weekdays, upset and insomnia, slightly uncomfortable, mouth and throat, constipation, phlegm, after the disease, the disease is even worse, the night will not sleep Red eyes. Red tongue, yellow greasy moss; pulse more string slippery and the number of Shi Qing Xie Huo, phlegm.
Recipe: Long Dan Xie Tang Tang Ditan Soup Addition and Subtraction,chai hu jia long gu dan li tang

acupuncture treatment of epilepsy
:1, body acupuncture: The main point for the end of the appendix, between the make, long strong, Fengfu, etc., with the flat fill reduction method. At the time of onset, people take the middle, long strong, Yongquan, strong stimulation 2. Acupoint injection: Take Dazhui, Fengchi, Zusanli, Neiguan, fenglong, Yanglingquan, with vitamin B, 2 ml, vitamin B 121 ml per Inject 0.5 ml into the hole, once daily or every other day.