Gout is a metabolic disorder that is characterized by a disorder of purine metabolism that leads to an increase in blood meal levels. Its clinical manifestations are hyperlipidemia, and the resulting recurrent episodes of gout acute arthritis, or deposition of urate in the joint kidneys or other tissues cause damage to these organs and the formation of tophi. The onset or sudden onset of the disease, long duration, can not be cured, although gout can be seen in various ages, but more common in men over the age of 40, more common in women after menopause, the ratio of men and women is 2:1, many patients have Gout family history.

how does TCM treat symptoms of gout

Diagnosis and Treatment Classification Wind, dampness and phlegm
1 line (Wind syndrome: limbs and joints, back pain, sour, no fixed place, shoulder, upper limb more common. Light weight, thin white tongue coating, pulse floating or floating Governing Method Qufeng Tongluo, cold-dispelling and dehumidification.Prescription: Fengfengtang addition and subtraction.Windproof, licorice, Chinese angelica, fried almonds, Gentiana, Guangui, Ephedra, Ginger, jujube
2 chills (swollen) Syndrome: severe pain , The pain does not move, when the cold gets worse, the temperature is reduced, the joint flexion and extension is unfavorable, the shape is cold, the phlegm is light and the night is heavy, the tongue is white, the pulse string is tight, and the governing method is: warming and dispersing the cold, expelling wind and removing moisture. Addition and subtraction of head soup: aconite, ephedra, peony root, licorice, astragalus ginger, cassia twig addition and subtraction: cold Sheng pain drama, increase the amount of aconite, and add asarum: shoulder arm pain
3 (wet) syndrome: limbs and joints sore and sore muscles, pain, definite, skin insensitive, or local swelling. Tongue pale or fat, white fur, slow pulse. Governing law: dehumidification meridians, expelling wind and cold. Prescription: Yiyiren Decoction. Coix, Atractylodes, Rhizoma Alpiniae, Duhuo 74 Wind-proof Chuanwu, Ephedra, Guizhi Angelica Chuanxiong Ginger Licorice Rheumatic fever Syndrome Syndrome: Articular limb pain, burning, pain, touch, local swelling, joint flexion and extension unfavorable. Red tongue, yellow moss, or dry or tired, slippery pulse. Governing Law: Clearing Heat and Circulating Wind and Removing Humidity. Recipe: White Tiger Guizhi Decoction. Gypsum, Anemarrhena, Guizhi, red peony, honeysuckle rattan, giant knotweed. ยท stubborn syndrome: longevity card, muscle and joint tingling, immobility, or pain and numbness, can not flexion and extension, repeated attacks, rigid deformation of the joints, joints and around the dark, dark purple tongue, or there Freckles, greasy moss, pulse astringent. Governing Law: phlegm, seek wind through the network. Recipe: Sputum Tongluo Decoction. All Angelica, peach kernel, safflower, red peony, Millettia, silkworm, lepidopteran star, white mustard seed, ground dragon, earthworm worm bee hake black snake, Clematis.
Syndrome of qi and blood deficiency: The syndrome persists for a long time. When the joints are sore, the pain in the joints is lighter, the pain increases, the joints are deformed, the muscles are thin, the tongue is pale, the moss is white, or less bitter, the veins are thin and weak. 0 Governing Law: Replenishing Blood, Shujin active. Recipe: Huangqi Guizhi Wuwu Decoction. Astragalus membranaceus, Guizhi, all Angelica sinensis, red and white peony root, ginger jujube Millettia, and Mulberry branch Chuanxiong. Yang deficiency syndrome: phlegm card prolonged healing, weak waist, joint pain, weak joints, deformation joints. The flexion and extension can not be accompanied by cold limbs, pale complexion, pale tongue, white coating, and weak pulse. Governing Law: Wen Yang Qi, Shu Xie pain. Recipe: Zuogui Pills combined with Huojiu Decoction. Rehmannia, aconite, cinnamon antler, ginseng, yam, hawthorn, eucommia, Chinese angelica, nourishment, Dipsacus, Chuanxiong, red peony, dog's ridge, ground dragons, sedum, wind vines, Qinshui. Yin deficiency syndrome: phlegm for a long time, joint pain, tendon urgency, waist and knees, night and night, with body weight loss, five upset hot, little red tongue or no bitter, pulse breakdown. Governing Law Nourishing the liver and kidney, strong bones and prescriptions prescription: Duhuo living parasite detoxification and independence live, Qin Qi wind-resistant Xixin Chuanxiong, Angelica, Rehmannia radix, Guizhi, Poria, Eucommia, Achyranthes, Codonopsis, Zhigancao.
39, gout patients in the diet to how to avoid it? The diet of gout patients is mainly to properly control the intake of total calories and maintain an ideal body weight (but obese people should not be too fierce to lose weight. It is advisable to reduce 1 kg in 1 week). Appropriate control of protein intake, because the protein will accelerate the patient's biosynthesis of uric acid. Fat can reduce the normal excretion of uric acid, resulting in the accumulation of uric acid in the body, so you should control the intake of fat. Fully add vitamins to eat more fruits and vegetables, but also drink plenty of water in order to maintain the dilution of uric acid, reduce the formation of uric acid crystals. In addition, no beer, liquor, rice wine, and alcoholic beverages should be reduced or avoided. Can not drink thick broth, because the meat can cause elevated uric acid purine 50% will dissolve in the soup, the best meat to eat after boiling, do not drink soup. The taboo of gout patients should be divided into acute phase and remission phase