Hair loss and grey hair


The main causes of hair loss are psychological pressure, bad habits, improper nursing and pathological factors. In addition, dry weather, seasonal change, and aging are also the reasons for hair loss. There are many ways to cope with old hair loss. In addition to relieving pressure, keeping a relaxed mood, going to bed early, getting up early, not smoking or drinking, moderate shampoo and perm, hair loss should eat more foods rich in iron, iodine, vitamin E, vegetable protein and so on.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has always been extensive and profound in the treatment of alopecia. What are the achievements of TCM in hair loss? Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the main cause of hair loss is kidney. If both liver and kidney are deficient in Qi and blood, the blood circulation of the whole body will be weak, unable to transport nutrients to the top of the human body upright "head", the hair follicles on the head can not be nourished, and gradually atrophy, which will cause hair loss. "Kidney concentrates essence and is the main reproductive organ. Hair is the product of blood, while hair is the blood." Kidney is the congenital foundation. Kidney, liver and blood are homologous and mutually transformed, both of which are indispensable. At the same time, the traditional Chinese medicine treatment of alopecia is also carried out around these theories.

grey hair

Generally speaking, young people's hair is dark and shiny, while old people's hair is often pale. Hair is dark because it contains a kind of melanin, the more melanin content, the darker the hair color; conversely, the less melanin content, the lighter the hair color. As the body ages, the pigment cells in hair follicles stop producing melanin, and hair begins to turn white. There is no uniform gland secreting melanin in the human body. Melanin is produced separately in each hair, so the hair always turns white one by one. Generally, it takes many years for the hair to turn white, but there are a few rare diseases that can make the hair turn white overnight. Although each person's hair turns grey differently, men generally occur after the age of 30, while women start around 35. The main causes of hair whitening are heredity and aging. Anxiety, sadness, mental stimulation and some disease factors can make the formation of melanin difficult. Another situation is that melanin has been formed, but can not be transported to the root of the hair, so that the hair contains less melanin, so that black hair will become white day by day. Will gray hair pull out more and more? Now, we are not afraid to grow white hair, because we can dye black, red and colorful. However, not long after dyeing, new hair grew, ugly white hair "shuttle between", the whole head appears very indecent. Somebody pulls out their white hair. However, the white hair can not be pulled out, some people can not help but wonder: "Originally there is not so much, how now the more pulled out?" Experts explained that this is a totally wrong idea. White hair does not grow more because of pulling out three or more or a large pinch. The growth of black hair is mainly formed by melanocytes in the root of hair. It must be noted that the key to melanocyte is hair root, so no matter how you pull out the white hair, there will be no effect on hair root, and the white hair will not increase. Less white head is mostly due to work pressure, too tight spirit, intestines and stomach can not effectively digest the food eaten, resulting in nutritional imbalance, so white hair appears. In addition, the lack of trace elements in the body is also a reason for the formation of white hair. Through eating underground roots, how to absorb a large number of trace elements, stimulate hair roots, grow dark hair, such as Polygonum multiflorum, cooked sweet potato, taro, etc. At present, in the treatment of gray hair, it is suggested that dermatology, psychiatry, family medicine and so on should be specially consulted. In addition, we can try to change our diet and living habits: 1. Eat more vitamin-rich and mineral-rich foods, such as kelp, green vegetables, black sesame, etc. 2. Learning how to ease your emotions, such as singing a song, roaring in an open space, and pouring out a "trash can" is a good way. 3. When using hair dyes, you should read the instructions carefully and observe the precautions (such as wearing gloves before dyeing and not dyeing KK within 48 hours after perming). 4. The interval between hair dyeing should be one to two months, and during menstruation and pregnancy, hair dyeing should also be avoided. 5. Eat less food added artificially, such as instant noodles, preserved or preserved products. 6. Self-made black-haired medicinal diet: Polygonum multiflorum porridge: Polygonum multiflorum 50g decocted in water to remove residue, add a cup of white rice and appropriate amount of ice sugar, jujube boiled into porridge. Yam sesame paste: Ding yam, then boil with black sesame powder and ice sugar into a thick paste to eat.