Headache is a common clinical condition that can occur in a variety of acute and chronic diseases. There are many causes of headache. Only by identifying the cause, symptomatic treatment can fundamentally cure headaches. Today, I recommend to you all the secret recipes for the treatment of headaches by Chinese medicine practitioners. Those who are suffering from headaches may wish to give them a try.
1. Cold headache
【Symptoms】 When a headache occurs, the pain is associated with the back of the item, and the evil wind chills. When you encounter a wind-like drama, you often have a head, mouth, thirst, thin white fur, and floating pulse.
【Methods】 Shufeng and cold.
[Prescription] Chuanxiong Tea Dispersion
2.Wind and heat headaches
【Symptoms】Head pain, even if cracked, fever or evil wind, red face, red eyes, thirsty for hot drink, loose stools or constipation, yellow urine, red tongue, yellow fur, floating pulse.
【Governing Law】Hurricane heat.
[Prescription]qiong zhi si gao tang
3.Rheumatic headache
【Symptoms】 headache, such as wrap, physical weight, chest tightness, poor appetite, poor urination, loose stool, greasy moss, pulse.
【Method】 Dehumidifier dehumidifier.
[Prescription]qian Sheng Huo Wet Soup
4. Shushi headache
Symptoms: Onset in summer, headache and swelling, heat and sweat, or slight fever and poor sweating, upset chest tightness, stretching , do not eat, thirsty, red tongue, yellow coating, slightly tired, floating pulse.
【Methods】 Qingshuhuashi.
[Prescription] hung lian xian hou yin Coptis sip
5. Hot and humid headache
[Symptoms] Headache is heavy, body weight is drowsy, eyes are red and mouthful, afternoon is hot, urine is short, red tongue is yellow and greasy, and the pulse slips.
[Prescriptions] dong yuan qing kong gao cream
6. Migraine
Symptoms ;Headaches are mostly painful, painful like a knife, irritability, red face, red eyes, red tongue, yellow coating, and a few pulse strings.
【Methods】 Shufeng and cold.
[Prescription] Chuanxiong Tea Dispersion