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The effect of green tea:1, green tea has the effect of delaying aging
2, have the effect of inhibiting cardiovascular disease
3, have preventive and anti-cancer effects
4, the role of prevention and treatment of radiation damage

chinese green tea


5, have the role of inhibition and resistance to viral bacteria
6, the effect of beauty and skin care
7, have a refreshing effect
8, the role of diuretic deficiencies
9, there is the effect of lipid-lowering digestion
10, have the purpose of protective teeth
ginseng tea Efficacy: Dabu Yuanqi, Fumai Gutuan, spleen and lung, Shengjin, soothe the nerves. [4]
Indications: physical weakness, limb cold pulse, spleen deficiency food, lung deficiency and asthma cough, Tianjin wound thirst, internal heat and thirst, long illness, convulsions, convulsions, insomnia, impotence, cold heart; heart failure, cardiogenic shock. For shortness of breath, palpitations, forgetfulness, thirst, sweating, less food, all shocks and collapses caused by acute and chronic diseases and blood loss. Make up the vitality, solidify the body and soothe the nerves. Treatment of labor injury, loss of food, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, stool slippage, virtual cough and asthma, spontaneous sweating, convulsions, forgetfulness, dizziness, headache, impotence, frequent urination, diabetes, uterine bleeding, pediatric slowness And long time no longer, all the evidence of lack of blood and fluid.
beauty and detoxify tea Help digestion; has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, cooling and reducing fire. It can effectively cleanse the intestines and stomach, from moisturizing the skin, detoxifying acne to nourishing the blood and nourishing the face, and achieving slimming and slimming effect.
sex tea Its main ingredients are Epimedium, Hawthorn, Cynomorium, Polygonum, Huangjing, American Ginseng, Acanthopanax, etc. It has functions such as tonifying kidney, strengthening spleen, strengthening spermatorrhea, preventing premature ejaculation, and sexual fatigue.
slimming Function: phlegm and cellulite, brain and eyesight. For obesity, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, coronary heart disease patients. Among them, hawthorn can reduce cholesterol and long-acting effects by lowering cholesterol and triglyceride. Honeysuckle has the effect of reducing weight and health, especially for obese people with qi stagnation and blood stasis. However, people with cold constitution and bad stomach should try to drink less.
Lotus Leaf Cassia Tea can lose weight and reduce fat, and smooth the intestines. Suitable for obesity, constipation, etc.
liver lu Function: It has the effects of clearing liver fire, relieving liver toxic, and relieving liver and relieving depression. Can relieve lung heat, spleen and stomach dryness, clear blood and turbidity. Suitable for smokers, passive smokers, and poor air quality in living and working environments.
hormones Function: It has the functions of clearing liver fire and relieving hepatotoxicity. It has the functions of nourishing blood, promoting blood circulation and astringing. It is used for patients with hypertension, arteriosclerosis, blood stasis, hemorrhoids, postpartum weakness, uterine bleeding, and lowering.
ginger tea Ginger tea is a kind of drink. It uses a little tea, a few slices of ginger, peeled and decoction, and after drinking ginger tea, it has the effect of sweating, warming and relieving cough, which is beneficial for treating flu, typhoid and cough.
diabetes tea Function: Hypoglycemic tea promotes the body's sugar metabolism and balances it, thereby lowering blood sugar, protecting and repairing islet cells, reversing complications, and gradually lowering blood sugar levels.
Its main function is to reduce the blood pressure of the human body, to relieve the symptoms of hypertension and improve health by means of tea. These tea children are not suitable.
arthritis tea [Indications] Muscle joint pain, both yin deficiency and fever. For heat and dehumidification, active and pain relief.
cold tea Cold tea, also called box tea, is named after Gansu tea from the source Jilin, because it is packed in a small box. It is a small cold that can be brewed or boiled for drinking. There is no specific medicine for cold tea. The effect is sweating and fever, and enhances the ability of autoimmune resistance.
menory tea Function: Jiannao Tea, nourishing liver and kidney, brain and eyesight, suitable for candidates who are dizzy, upset, and memory loss.
cancer tea Function: It can prolong cell life, stimulate cell viability, improve immunity, enhance endocrine regulation, promote cell metabolism, inhibit liver lipid peroxide, etc., thereby delaying body aging.
sex herbs wine Zhuangyang wine is a wine that uses traditional reconciliation to replenish kidney and impotence. It can relieve fatigue and relax mood. It is suitable for yin-cold syndrome, deficiency syndrome and other diseases.

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lose weight
Needle knife to lose weight 1: a large amount of stimulation: 20-30 times the weight of acupuncture.
2: It can directly destroy and decompose excess fat cells in time to reduce fat accumulation and inhibit the synthesis of fat cells.
3: Save time: generally only 3-5 minutes a week to lose weight.
4: Good curative effect: After clinical verification, especially for some intractable obesity, drug weight-loss immunization, beer belly, local obesity and acupuncture ineffective, shaping and slimming are in place.
5: quick effect: once treatment, there is a feeling of appetite suppression or abdomen relaxed or weight loss, especially for the inhibition of appetite and menstruation.


  • acupuncture and moxibustion was used to acupuncture acupuncture points with acupuncture needles, while “point embedding method” was a weight


aftre month

  • loss method using acupuncture needles.
    acupuncture and herbal weight capsule can help reduce weight 100%,in one month can reduce 7kg to 9kg.acupuncture is put can soluble protein line in to stomach acupuncture points.long-term point stimulation to achieve weight loss. weight capsule can resist appetite and fat burning,very good security achieve weight loss.
Acupuncture and beauty Acupuncture and beauty can also be regarded as a maintenance project to restore skin elasticity and delay aging, but still have to protect your face. Even the best beauty methods can not stand up late, no skin care, smoking and drinking.
stop smoking Refers to the study of smoking methods and mechanisms of auricular acupuncture. Nicotine, the main component of tobacco, is an N-cholinergic receptor stimulant. It binds to the N-receptors on the ganglion, adrenal medullary chromaffin cells or motility muscles, and exhibits a biphasic effect of excitatory and post-inhibition. Nicotine produces a wide range of complex effects on the brain (central nervous system).
laser for wart Earthworm is a skin surface neoplasm caused by human papillomavirus. More common in children and young people, the incubation period is 1 to 3 months, can spread by themselves. The virus is present in the acanthosis cells, which promotes cell proliferation and forms sickle lesions. According to clinical manifestations and locations, it is divided into vulgaris, flat warts, warts, genital warts (condyloma acuminata), oral warts, throat cramps and verrucous epidermal dysplasia.

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action:tonifies Qi and kidney Yang.

key symptoms and signs for use:

low libido,impotence caused by kidney Qi and Yang.

efficacy can last for a week,and increase penis enlargement





黄连HUANGLIANcoptis chinensis rhizome  白芍BAISHAOpaeonia lactiftora
黄芩HUANG QIN scutellaria baicalensis 6g柴胡CHAI HU bupleurum root 3g
黄柏HUANGBAIphellodendronamurense 6g甘草 GANCAOglycyrrhiza hlabra
金银花JIN YIN HUA lonicera confuse flower6 g茯苓FULINGporia cocos
当归DANGGUIangelica root白芷BAIZHIangelica dahurica
Action:  removes intense heat and eliminates toxins ,nourish the skin.
Key symptoms and signs for use:
throat,dark urine,boils,to be used for acne,black flaned skin
eruptions with a grain –like,rosacea,clear skin.pigmentation and
chloasma in the skin,clears heat and dump heat,nourishes kidney yin

茯苓FULINGporia cocos
白芷BAIZHI angelica dahurica
Action:  nourish the skin.
Key symptoms and signs for use:
to be used for acne, black spot. in flaned skin eruptions with a grain –like,
rosacea, clear skin. pigmentation and chloasma in the skin,
clears heat and dump heat, nourishes kidney yin
主治:治疗 黄褐斑 雀斑 美白,去痘 ,去皱纹

Penis enlargement
sexual functio





大黄DA HUANGrheum tanguticum 芒硝MANGXIAOnatrii sulfas
代代花  generation  玫瑰花Rose茉莉花Jasmine番泻叶Senna荷叶Lotus
Action: reduce weight,constipation,high cholesterol,for diet control and exercise and weight ,control ane reduce the treatment of obesity.burn fat intestinal clearance.

Konjac medicinal ingredients can be cleared of fat deposition in the
cardiovascular and cholesterol
Konjac is rich in dietary fiber, dietary fiber in the intestine can enhance
intestinal peristalsis, facilitate bowel movement and shorten the food in
the gut residence time, meat and food to be excreted from the
consumption of approximately 12 hours, konjac to be excreted from the
consumption of approximately for 7 hours. Stool can stay in the intestine to
reduce the time about 5 hours. Thereby reducing the intestinal absorption
of nutrition, but also reduced the stool of harmful substances in the body harm.

生姜SHENGJIANG zingiber 9g; 甘草GANCAO glycyrrhiza glab ra root 9g; 白芍BAISHAO paeonia 9g;  麻黄MA HUANGephedrae herb 9g;
大黄DA HUANGrheum tanguticum; 芒硝MANGXIAOnatrii sulfas; 防风FANGFENGsaposhnikovia root; 桔梗JIEGENGplatycodon root;
黄芩HUANG QIN scutellaria baicalensis; 栀子ZHIZI gardenia jasminoides fruit; 白术BAI ZHU atractylodes macrocephala; 川芎CHUANXIONG ligusticum;
当归DANGGUIangelica root;  连翘LIANQIAOforsythia suspense; 石膏SHI GAO gypsum fibrosum; 荆芥JINGJIEschizonepetatenuifolia; 滑石HUASHItalcum
Action:  expels external cold,warms lung and resolves cold phlegm,stops cough and Asthma.reduce weight,constipation,high cholesterol,
Key symptoms and signs for use: Cough and asthma with clear phlegm caused by cold attack.hypertension,arteriosclerosis,inflemaz
主治:止咳,气喘,去痰 ,高血压,动脉硬化