TCM for heart disease

Editor of TCM Therapy

Significant changes have taken place in the treatment of arrhythmia. Significant clinical findings in the treatment of heart disease: arrhythmia must be treated from the spleen (stomach).

The relationship between heart and spleen (stomach) in physiology and pathology belongs to fire, while spleen (stomach) belongs to soil. There is a mother-child relationship between heart and spleen (stomach), which breeds and complements each other. There is cloud that "son can make mother empty, mother can make son solid".

2. Synchronization of "Heart-spleen (stomach) co-treatment" and practicality of treating spleen (stomach) to heal the heart "Internal injury of spleen and stomach causes all diseases". Spleen and stomach are the acquired basis, the source of Qi and blood biochemistry, while spleen (stomach) failure is characterized by various diseases, heart-qi and heart-blood dystrophy, heart-disease is born, so there is the theory of "heart-stomach disease". For heart disease, patients must pay attention to regulating the spleen and stomach, avoid plaster Liang thick taste, do not make full meals and so on. Even patients with heart failure, do not forget the method of invigorating the spleen and stomach stagnation. It can really achieve success in the treatment of heart disease, much higher than the effect of heart disease only from the heart.

3. Emphasizing the importance of Spleen-stomach elevation in the treatment of heart disease, the elevation and descent of the spleen is the basic form of human physiological activities and the inevitable process of maintaining human life activities. That is, dysfunction of spleen (stomach), fine diet, disturbance of lipid metabolism, accumulation and turbidity, or damp-heat, or phlegm-dampness, turbid phlegm intertwined, stagnation and addiction, obstruction of cardiac dysfunction, become the so-called "phlegm-dampness blocking heart pulse" syndrome. Therefore, ascending and descending the spleen and stomach and blocking the pathological formation can be said to be "no cure, no cure, no disease". Its location is in the heart, but its root is in the spleen. It is self-evident that the significance of ascending and descending the spleen and stomach to cure heart disease lies in it. However, most Chinese medicines are deficient in tonifying Qi and diffusing water, which can cure symptoms but not root causes.

In the treatment of heart, spleen and stomach, the subordinate attribute of "sample urgency" is that the occurrence of heart disease is predominantly caused by spleen and stomach disease, regardless of etiology or treatment. This is because "the spleen (stomach) is the source of phlegm". Although the heart governs both blood and pulse, only when the spleen (stomach) is properly transported and cleared, the source of blood metaplasia is constant, the blood vessels are nourished, the blood quality is normal, and the evil ripples of dampness and heat of turbid phlegm are absent from the body, can the heart function be normal, otherwise, the spleen (stomach) disease and the heart. Current studies show that: dysfunction of spleen and stomach, turbidity dissipation and phlegm generation, phlegm-heat and phlegm-dampness interaction, contributing to metabolic disorders. Vascular loss of nutrition, fragility and loss of elasticity, phlegm turbid and greasy, repressor, Qi stagnation, blood flow is not smooth, leading to heart and pulse impassment. In this way, not only phlegm-turbidity, qi stagnation and blood stasis can be formed, but also blood stasis can be used as a new pathogenic factor to make lipid metabolism more disordered, blood lipid increased, blood viscosity increased, vascular wall sclerosis, coronary atherosclerotic heart disease further aggravated, which directly leads to arrhythmia, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, angina pectoris and so on. Investigate its reason, spleen (stomach) transport disorders lead to metabolic disorders for many reasons.

5. Furthermore, heart diseases such as palpitation, chest tightness, chest pain, forgetfulness, insomnia, dizziness, Dan language, heartburn, anxiety, syncope, edema and so on, all involve the spleen (stomach), and most of them are caused by the spleen (stomach) first. In the treatment of spleen and stomach strengthening, then activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, it is really "the treatment of both symptoms", more conducive to the elimination of harmful substances in the body (oxygen free radicals), reduce blood lipid, blood viscosity, improve the state of myocardial blood supply, eliminate the adverse factors of thrombosis. This treatment is another advance in the prevention and treatment of heart disease. If a vigorous resolving blood stasis or invigorating Qi or diuresis, hurting the stomach and damaging the vital energy, curing the symptoms without curing the root cause, how can we cure the heart disease? In addition, most of the elderly with gastric failure, we must first fix the stomach gas, in order to cure heart disease.