chinese medicine treatment for hypertension

Causes of hypertension

The incidence of hypertension is related to excessive sexual intercourse and depression and too much salt,smoker,obese,drinker,lack of exercise,hereditary,intense stress. To cure high blood pressure, it is necessary to exercise restraint in desire and temperament, and to earnestly observe traditional methods of health care is the magic weapon for eradicating diseases. In the early stages of high blood pressure, hypertension can be cured by controlling sexual intercourse. Those who only want to rely on doctors for treatment and do not know how to support themselves are very naive! There is absolutely no room for sexual intercourse during medication, and the maintenance of the body will be given first place. Family chores and work must be placed second. After the cure, you must also keep in control of the property for two years.
  1. symptom of hypertension

Hypertension can be completely cured, but it takes a certain amount of time and certain conditions, but it is by no means the treatment of western medicine.

symptom of hypertension:

1.liver inflammation type,
this type of hypertension is mainly characterized by high blood pressure,accompanied by
dizziness,chest fullness,pain,insomnia,irritability,red tongue,thin yellow coating,and thin pules .
2.liver yang type:
this type of hypertension is mainly characterized by high blood pressure,accompanied by dizziness,tinnitus,headache,head up,sometimes worsening headache,flushing,irritable,dreams,bitterness,red tongue,yellow coating,veins strings and fine.
3. blood deficiency type:
this type of hypertensive patients is mainly characterized by high blood pressure with dizziness,increased agitation,immediate fatigue,often pale,dull lip,palpitstions,insomnia,
fatigue,decreasedmdiet,pale tongue,pulse weak.

chinese herbal treatment of hypertension


1.liver inflammation type:

when treating heat with diarrhea and liver diarrhea,the main prescription is Dan xiao yao powder.

2.liver yang type:

.when using pinggan Qianyang and clearing away wind as the main treatment principle of the disease,the main prescription is Tianma gou teng drink addition and subtraction.

3. blood deficiency type:

when nourishing blood and spleen and stomach for the treatment of the disease,the commonly used formula is Bazhen Decoction.


acupuncture treatment of hypertension


Acupuncture for Hypertension

Hypertension is more common in middle and old age. Essential hypertension is caused by long-term mental stimuli and emotional fluctuations on the basis of genetic factors. This is caused by high neurological disorders. Secondary hypertension is caused by urinary disorders, intracranial disorders and endocrine disorders.
The disease belongs to the categories of "headache" and "dizziness".
Chinese medicine believes that liver and kidney yin deficiency, hepatic hemiplegia, disturbing the head of the head, headache, dizziness; Liver stripe up, Yu Yihuahuo, liver yin, bruises, wind Yang easily move, made for dizziness; Phlegm spleen, or diet Inadequate, but also hurt the spleen and stomach; or worry about fatigue, spleen and yang, sluggish water, stop the accumulation of phlegm, obstruction meridians, Qingyang not rise, head dizziness, hair-based disease.
Acupuncture treatment commonly used acupuncture points:
Ozawa, shoulder well, Feishu. Liangmen, Sun, Fengchi, Yongquan, Sanyinjiao, Taixi, Taichong, Zusanli, Quchi, Zhongyuan, Fenglong, Baihui, Qihai, etc.