Chinese medicine treatment of menopausal syndrome

in life, we see that some women have temper and anger, and we will laugh and say that her menopause is here. It can be seen that women become particularly annoying as soon as they reach menopause. Therefore, if you want to be a lovable woman, you have to be wary of menopause. How to prevent conditioning? First, you must first understand the symptoms of menopause, and then symptomatic prevention.


The four major symptoms of female menopause:

First, hot flashes. It is a symptom often encountered by menopausal women.

Second, my heart. It is flustered and one of the most common symptoms of menopause.

Third, mental and neurological symptoms are abnormal.

Fourth, back pain. It is an early symptom of osteoporosis in menopausal women.

Chinese medicine teaches you how to nurse menopause?

1, maintain a peace of mind

First of all, it emphasizes the need to maintain a peace of mind. The "Nei Jing" emphasizes that "there is no sin, and the qi is from it". In the mind, it is safe and quiet, and the infuriating can obey. Professor Tsang Pui Ran, a professor of traditional Chinese medicine, advocates that “health should be raised first”, so that you should feel comfortable and avoid excessive emotions. Because excessive emotional changes can affect the function of the organs and the operation of blood, causing pathological changes and promoting the body's decline.

Anxiety, joy, sorrow, anger, anxiety, caring and other emotional changes should be moderate, and vice versa will lead to dysfunction of visceral function, turmoil and chaos, usually do not worry about trivial matters, but not the pursuit of fame and fortune, not care, not Suffering from loss. When you are in a position to think for others, you are open-minded and generous, and you are good at others, happy others, and happier yourself. When you encounter troubles and worries, you must learn to talk and strive for communication and understanding. The mind is calm and qi and blood can be smoothed, the function of the viscera will be coordinated, and the person will be young and spirited.

2, develop a reasonable eating habits

To maintain an elegant posture, a reasonable diet is essential. Usually, the diet should be light, and the foods that are thick and turbid should be eaten as little as possible. The meat and vegetables should be properly matched, not partial eclipse, and should be chewed slowly when eating. "Eating is not a word" and "food is not a big word", not only prevent spit and splashing unhygienic, but also prevent food and not know its taste, thus affecting digestion.

Keep a good mood when you eat, don't talk about unhappy things, don't quarrel with people, try not to get angry and not angry after meals, to prevent liver gas and food inclusions, affecting the absorption and absorption of the spleen and stomach. The spleen and stomach are the essence of the human body, the source of qi and blood biochemistry, and the influence of spleen and stomach transport function directly leads to the weakening of qi and blood, the disorder of visceral function, the generation of phlegm and blood stasis, and the increase of disease.

3, maintenance should pay attention to blood

The key to maintenance is to pay attention to the changes of menstruation. If menstruation is irregular before and after the menstrual cycle, if the amount of menstruation is reduced or excessive, they should go to the hospital for examination and treatment. Occupational women are overworked because of work stress, and the work pace is too fast, which seriously affects the function of qi and blood and rushing, leading to the early arrival of menopause.

Although modern women only have one child in family planning, most women have a history of circulation. Many women even have a history of multiple births, which has caused the dark consumption of blood. When I was young, I didn’t want to have children to go to the flow of people. When I really wanted to have children, I became infertile, accompanied by various gynecological diseases, which seriously affected my health. Childbirth should be as natural as possible to give birth, avoid caesarean section, and strive for breastfeeding, which is of great benefit to the health of mother and child. Usually taking health care products should be reasonably applied under the guidance of a doctor. Improper nourishment will promote the breeding of sputum, leading to the reversal of blood and blood, resulting in new diseases.