Irregular menstruation, also known as menstrual disorders, refers to abnormal changes in the menstrual cycle, menstrual period or menstrual flow. Most women go through once every 28 to 30 days, but they are still normal within 7 days of advance or delay. The duration of menstruation is generally 3 to 7 days, and the amount of menstrual bleeding is about 30 to 50 ml. Irregular menstruation includes early menstruation, late menstruation, no regular menstruation, and more or less menstruation.

[clinical performance]

Irregular menstruation mainly manifests as irregular changes in menstrual cycle, color, menstruation, and menstrual flow, and may be accompanied by dizziness, backache, abdominal pain or pain, upset irritability, chills and warmth.

1. Early menstruation: the menstrual cycle is more than 7 days in advance, or even a half-monthly line, for more than 3 menstrual cycles.

(1) blood heat internal disturbance: more menstrual flow, color red sticky, with small blood clots, hot and thirsty, yellow urine is difficult, red tongue, yellow fur, slippery pulse.

Governing Law: Clearing heat and cooling blood to regulate menstruation.

Recipe: Qingjingsan addition and subtraction (Danpi 10 g, bone marrow 10 g, white peony 10 g, raw land 20 g, artemisia annua 10 g, cork 10 g, fried cellar 10 g, fried scallions, 10 g)

(2) Qi does not take blood: the menstrual quality is thin, Shen Shen fatigue, shortness of breath, lazy words, small belly emptiness, less sputum, pale tongue, weak pulse.

Governing Law: qi and blood to menstruation

Recipe: Buzhong Yiqi Decoction (White Ginseng 10g Astragalus 30g Licorice 10g Angelica 10g Chenpi 10g Cimicifuga 6g Bupleurum 6g Atractylodes 10g)

2. Late menstruation: the menstrual cycle exceeds 35 days, for more than 3 consecutive menstrual cycles.

(1) blood cold stagnation: less menstrual flow, dark blood clots, cold abdominal pain, heat reduction, cold and cold limbs, white fur, tight pulse.

Governing Law: Warming and dispelling cold

Recipe: Wenjing Decoction (Ginseng 10g Angelica 10g Chuanxiong 6g White Pelican 10g Cinnamon 5g Rhizome 10g Dan Peel 10g Licorice 10g Achyranthes 10g)

(2) Liver blood deficiency: less menstrual flow, no light color, no pain in the lower abdomen, dizziness, palpitations, pale or sallow, pale red tongue and weak pulse.

Governing Law: blood and menstruation

Recipe: Dabu Yuan Jian (Ginseng 10 g Yam 24 g Rehmannia 15 g Eucommia 10 g Angelica 10 g Hawthorn 15 g 枸杞 10 g 炙 licorice 10 g)

(3) liver qi stagnation: less menstrual flow, dark red or small blood clots, abdominal pain or chest and abdomen, two flank, breast pain, thin white fur, pulse string.

Governing Law: Shugan Liqi Tiaojing

Recipe: Xiaoyao San addition and subtraction (Bupleurum 6g Angelica 10g White Pelican 10g 茯苓10g Atractylodes 10g fragrant with 10g Wudang 10g Danpi 10g Licorice 10g)

3. Menstruation has no regularity: the menstrual cycle or first or later, more than 7 days, and more than 3 menstrual cycles.

(1) Liver qi stagnation: more or less menstrual flow, color purple red has a block, poor performance, chest flank, breast and lower abdomen pain, suffocating, sigh, thin white or thin yellow, pulse string .

Governing law and prescription medicine are the same as the "liver qi stagnation" type of treatment in the later period of menstruation.

(2) lack of kidney gas: less menstrual flow, dark color, thin, fatigue, lumbosacral pain, dizziness, tinnitus, less pale tongue, weak pulse.

Governing Law: qi and menstruation

Recipe: Gu Yin Jian (Ginseng 10 g Rehmannia 15 g Yam 24 g Hawthorn 15 g Dodder 20 g Schisandra 10 g Licorice 10 g)

4. Menorrhagia: The amount of menstruation increased significantly compared with normal, and the cycle was basically normal.

(1) Gas does not take blood: the amount of the passage is large, the color is reddish, the quality is thin, or the complexion is pale, the shortness of breath is short, the limbs are soft and weak, or the lower abdomen is empty, the tongue is light, and the pulse is fine.

Governing Law: qi and blood to cure the solid

Recipe: Lifting Yuan Jian (Ginseng 10 Astragalus 30g Atractylodes 10g Aspirating 6g Licorice 10g Ejiao 10g Jiaoaiye 10g Squid bone 15g Gun Jiang 6g Fried Puhuang 10g Continued 10g)

(2) blood heat internal disturbance: the amount of more, the color is bright red or deep red, thick and sticky, or there are small blood clots, often with upset thirst, yellow urine constipation, red tongue, yellow fur, slippery pulse.

Governing Law: Cooling serum to stop bleeding

Recipe: Baoyin Jian (30 grams of raw land, 20 grams of radix, 10 grams of astragalus, 15 grams of white peony, 15 grams of Chinese yam, 15 grams of continuous stalks, 15 grams of licorice)

(3) stagnation of the cell: the amount of more, or a lot of time is not clean, color purple, with blood clots or with abdominal pain refused to press, the tongue is dark or dark, the pulse is fine.

Governing Law: promoting blood circulation, stopping bleeding

Recipe: Xiaoxiaosan (Puhuang 10g Wulingzhi 10g, blood charcoal 10g, valerian 10g, motherwort 10g)

5. Less menstruation: Although the menstrual period is accurate, but the menstrual volume is significantly reduced compared with normal, or the menstrual period is less than 2 days, the amount of menstruation is small.

(1) Liver blood deficiency: less menstrual flow or drip is net, light color without block, or with dizziness, palpitations, pale complexion, lower abdomen, pale red tongue, fine pulse.


Governing Law: nourishing blood

Recipe: Zixue Decoction (Ginseng 10g Yam 20g Astragalus 30g fu lin10g Chuanxiong 6g Angelica 10g White Pelican 10g Rehmannia 15g)

(2) Kidney yang deficiency: less menstrual flow, color reddish or dark red, thin, lumbar spine, dizziness, tinnitus, or cold belly, nocturia, pale tongue, weak pulse or late.

Governing Law: Bushen Yangxue Tiaojing

Recipe: Guishen Pills (Citrus 15 g Eucommia 15 g gou ji10 g Hawthorn meat 15 g Angelica 10 g Cooked land 15 g Yam 20 g fu lin15 g)

(3) stagnation of the cell: less menstrual flow, color purple, blood clots, abdominal pain, refused to press, blood clots after the pain relief, the tongue is dark or dark, the pulse is fine.

Governing Law: promoting blood circulation and regulating phlegm

Method: Taohong Siwu Decoction (Peach Kernel 10g Safflower 10g Chuanxiong 6g Angelica 10g White Pelican 10g Rehmannia 20g)

(4) phlegm block: less menstrual flow, reddish color, thick and viscous, obesity, chest tightness, vomiting, or leucorrhea thick, white greasy moss, slippery pulse.

Governing Law: phlegm dampness and dampness

Method: Cangfu Guiqi Pills (fu lin10g Pinellia 10g Chenpi 10g Licorice 6g Atractylodes 10g Fragrance 10g Bile Star 10g Clam Shell 10g Divine Comedy 10g Ginger Three)