Chinese medicine treatment of neck pain


【Chinese medicine treatment of cervical vertebra hyperplasia prescription】
Although it has brought great changes to our lives, it also poses great challenges to our health. Because of the lack of exercise on mobile phones and computers, many people have symptoms of stiff neck and pain in the neck. This situation indicates that they have already suffered. On cervical spondylosis, it is necessary to treat it in time. The effect of Chinese medicine on cervical spondylosis is very good. Patients can try it.
Cervical spondylosis has become a common disease, because long-term work in front of the computer, the neck can not get active and relaxed, the cervical spine is often in a state of tension, cervical spondylosis is easy to occur, mild patient neck muscle stiffness, severe patient pain, neck can not activity. Chinese medicine believes that the occurrence of cervical spondylosis is mainly caused by poor blood circulation and meridian. Therefore, Chinese medicine treatment of cervical spondylosis is through drugs to clear the meridians and promote blood circulation, so the treatment of this disease with Chinese medicine decoction is very effective. Several commonly used prescriptions are recommended below.
1. Formula: Guizhi, Scorpion, Mulberry, Wind, Angelica, Gentiana, Chisui, Eucommia, Chuanxiong, Sichuan Achyranthes, Duhuo, Asarum, Licorice. Patients with blood stasis and collaterals were treated with safflower, peach kernel, spatholobus stem, Yuanming; patients with phlegm obstruction plus Tianma, system of Pinellia, and sputum. Usage: 1 day with water decoction.

2, formula: frankincense, parasitic, rehmannia, Chuanxiong, Clematis, silkworm, Pueraria, papaya, Astragalus, Salvia, Chuanchuan, Achyranthes, myrrh. Usage: 1 day with water decoction, and you can wrap the dregs with gauze, add white vinegar for 20 minutes, remove the hot neck pain.

3, formula: red peony, dog ridge, papaya, frankincense, myrrh, stretched grass, Chuanxiong, angelica, safflower, wind, Sanqi. To use: Add all the medicines together with water to decoction, one dose per day.

4, formula: roast yellow, frankincense, white mustard, pepper, myrrh, cinnamon, grass black, Chuanwu, white flower snake, musk, a little borneol. Usage: Make all the medicines into fine, take appropriate amount of medicine and spread it on the musk paste, stick it to the stiff and painful neck. You can take this soup at the same time: Clematis, Pueraria boiled water to drink.

5, formula: pangolin, turmeric, rehmannia, white mustard, whole glutinous rice, fried saponins, ephedra, chuanchuan, grass Wu, Wulingzhi. Usage: Add one dose of water to decoction every day.

6, formula: wugong, deer grass, all xiezi, Chuanxiong, Angelica, black snake, natural copper. Usage: Add one dose of water to decoction every day.

Traditional Chinese medicine decoction can treat cervical spine stiffness. The six prescriptions described above are very effective. Patients can use it according to their own symptoms. Cervical spine stiffness is an early symptom of cervical spondylosis. It should be treated promptly. If the disease is serious, then the treatment will be difficult. Very big, as long as you pay attention to daily exercise, combined with Chinese medicine, it can quickly relieve symptoms.
[sickness performance]

Chilling meridian syndrome: cervical vertebra pain, or pain such as acupuncture, or increased cold, or cervical spine activity is unfavorable, or neck is arrested, or cervical spine is tough, or finger numbness, or upper limb pain, pale tongue or purple, thin white fur, Pulse or sputum.

【treatment method】

Passing through the cold and collaterals, relieving pain and relieving pain.

[composition of prescription]

Chuanxiong 18 grams, 15 grams of aconite, 6 grams of raw Chuanwu, 24 grams of white peony, 18 grams of astragalus, 10 grams of ephedra, 10 grams of licorice.

【How to take it】

This side can be used as a decoction or as a powder or a pill. The dosage of the decoction is: put the medicine in the medical decocting pot, add about 700 ml of water, soak the medicine for about 25 minutes, decoct for about 50 minutes, remove the medicinal juice; add about 200 ml of water, fry for about 20 minutes, take Medicine juice. Combine 2 times of drug solution, take 2 or 3 times. Or take the raw Sichuan and aconite, first fry for 30 minutes, then cook other medicines. The preparation method of the pill is as follows: the upper medicine is ground into powder, the honey is used as a pill, about 10 g per pill, or water pill, 6-9 g each time, and the treatment is 10 days for a course of treatment. Usually take 3 to 4 courses of treatment. The powder preparation method is as follows: the medicine is ground into powder, and about 10 grams is taken each time, 3 times a day, and the course of treatment is taken with the pills.

[medicinal analysis]

Fangzhongchuanwu, Fuzi yin yin cold, stop sputum pain; Chuanxiong qi and activating blood circulation, Tongluo pain; white sputum blood and benefit camp, relieve pain; Mahuang Tongluo cold and pain; Huangqi qi and solid table; licorice Qi and Qi relieve pain; The medicines are used by each other to play their effects.


【Addition and subtraction medication】

If you are dizzy, add Uncaria, Pueraria, to stun with Shengyang; if the hands and feet are not warm, add aconite, asarum, to warm the cold, pass through the pain; if the upper limb pain is obvious, add frankincense, myrrh To activating blood circulation and relieving pain; if the tendons are urgent, add papaya, achyranthes, and relieve the temper, etc.

[Clinical expansion application]

The party can also treat cold headaches, lumbar disc herniation, sciatic nerve pain, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other symptoms and has a cold syndrome.


Damp heat syndrome, yin deficiency syndrome, spleen and stomach deficiency cold syndrome, use this side with caution.