Some people who have night sweats, when they go to sleep, sweat and sweat, and some fall asleep until after midnight, and some just close their eyes and then sweat. The amount of sweat produced varies greatly.
1, kidney yin deficiency: imaginary Yang Sheng, virtual heat endogenous, vaginal emptiness, sleep, qi and qi into the yin, the table is not guardian, the muscles are not dense, the fire in the glory is only outside, steaming heat, Jiangjin is leaking. When you wake up, the gas is fixed on the table, and the Xuanfu is closed and the sweat is overcast.
Light night sweats
Most of the patients with light night sweats are already deep in sleep, or sweat is easy to get out at 5 o'clock in the morning or 1 to 2 hours before the wake, and the amount of sweat is small. Only after waking up, the whole body or parts of the body are slightly Sweat, wake up, no sweat is released again. Generally not accompanied by the feeling of discomfort.

Medium-sized night sweats
Most patients with moderate-type night sweats can sweat out soon after falling asleep. Even if they can get wet in their sleeping clothes, they will stop sweating after they wake up. After sweating on their body, they will no longer sweat when they fall asleep. This type of night sweats, patients often have a sense of heat, hot sweating, and sometimes feel dry and dry after awakening.

Heavy night sweats
In patients with heavy night sweats, sweat is very easy to vent. Shortly after falling asleep or just closing your eyes and going to sleep, there will be a lot of sweating nights, and you will wake up after sweating. After you wake up, the sweat will converge. Going back to sleep can sweat again. The amount of sweating is large, and the sweat often has a light salty taste, or sweat and a sweaty smell. Any sweat can make the bedding soaked, and it can't sleep well after replacing the sleeping clothes several times a night. Some patients with re-certification can make the bedding soaked. When the bedding is thinner or the mat is used, sweat can print sweat on the bed. These patients are often accompanied by a clear sense of heat, and the mood is also irritating. After sweating, the mouth is dry and likes cold water. Usually accompanied by low heat or hot flashes, five upset hot, blush, dizziness, weight loss, fatigue, dark urine, less urine, dry stool.
Chinese medicine believes that: the main body of the kidney, the heart is sweat. Due to unreasonable sexual intercourse, excessive labor, blood loss, or long-term illness, Yin, yin deficiency, lack of kidney fluid, virtual fire endogenous, forced excretion, hot flashes, night sweats, virtual annoyance, dizziness, tinnitus , red tongue, little moss, fine pulse and so on. "Medical sect must read" cloud: "Kidney yin can not retreat inside the camp, then internal injuries and night sweats." At this time, the rule of yin and yang.

Liver stagnation
Consciously hot, upset and irritable, temperament, dry mouth, bitter tongue, red tongue, thin moss

Yellow, fine veins. Professor Zhou identified as night sweats, and the card was steamed inside the stagnation of the liver.

vent. Governance plans to clear the liver through the stagnation of fire, and camp to yin.

Prescription: 10g of mulberry leaf, peony bark, hazelnut, Prunella vulgaris, Scrophulariaceae, and dried peony root, 12g of rehmannia root and white peony, 25g of calcined oyster (first fried), 15g of japonica rice root, and 3g of gentian. 1 dose per day, Shuijianbi. Taking 4 doses, night sweats.
2. The evil heat is depressed, the table does not
I didn't pay attention to it at the beginning, but the symptoms gradually increased. The night sweats washed out, the yellow dyed clothes, and I needed to change my pajamas and bedding every day, and I felt that I was physically weak and prone to external feelings. The tongue is dark red, the moss yellow is slightly greasy, and the number of pulses is slightly thin. This is the evil heat inside the stagnation, the table is not harmonious, Ying Yin leaked. Governing with Qing Li, solving epidemics, and yin and yang, with Mahuang Lianqiao Chixiaodou Decoction and Gegen Qilian Tang Guizhi Decoction.
Medicinal ramie yellow 5g, forsythia 10g, red bean 30g, mulberry white 15g, puerarin 20g, berberine 10g, astragalus 10g, cassia twig 15g, white peony 15g, atractylodes 15g, windproof 15g, coix seed 30g, nutmeg 10g, Zhigancao 10g. 3 doses, Shuijianbi, 1 day. Second diagnosis: After taking the top, the next benefit, the stool is formed, 2 times a day. No new hair was found in the rash around the body, but the reduction in night sweats was not obvious. The medicine has been ill, and 30g of jaundice is added to the top, and 30g of calcined dragon and oyster are used to relieve sweat. 5 doses of Shuijianbi, 1 day.

3. Yin Huowang
Kidney five liquid, into the heart is sweat. Due to the inconsistency of the atrioventricular, excessive labor, loss of blood, or long-term illness, Yin, yin deficiency, lack of kidney fluid, virtual fire endogenous, forced to leak, and hot flashes, night sweats, virtual annoyance, dizziness Tinnitus, red tongue and little moss, thin veins and so on. (Medical sect. Must read) said: "The kidney yin can not be retired within the camp, then internal injuries and night sweats." When this happens, the rule of yin and yin and fire, with Angelica Liuhuang Tang or Baoyin Jian (Rehmannia, Rehmannia glutinosa, white peony, Chinese yam, scutellaria, Huangqin, Phellodendron, licorice) can be treated with addition and subtraction.
4. Replenish your heart
Heart blood, spleen and blood, sweat as the heart of the heart, blood and sweat homologous. Thinking overworked, stagnation of blood, or weak spleen and stomach, water valley micro-chemical deficiency of blood, blood does not raise the heart, the spirit is floating, the heart is not hidden and leaking, then sweating, and seeing the heart, the face is not good Shortness of breath, fatigue, head vertigo and other symptoms. (Danxi Xinfa) said: "The night sweat is a blood deficiency", the treatment of blood and spleen and heart, the use of Guipi Decoction can be effective.