Oedema is caused by external sensation, internal injuries caused by a variety of reasons, lung, spleen and kidney viscera to water fluid Xuanhua dysfunction, resulting in body fluid retention in the skin, causing the head, eyelids, limbs, abdomen, back and even systemic edema and other clinical features Disease.
Dividing evidence to treat
1. feng shui flooding syndrome eyelid edema, followed by limbs and body are swollen, the rapid development, both chills and fever, limb sour, dysuria, biased by wind and heat with throat pain and red tongue pain Float-slip number; biased to the cold, and chills, cough, thin tongue, white blood, slippery or tight, such as edema, even see the pulse Shenshen method Shufengdui herbs application (1) yue bi jia zhu tang
2. wet poisoning eyelid edema of invasive syndrome, extended to the body, urinary unfavorable, body blemishes, and even ulceration, evil wind fever, red tongue, thin yellow coating, pulse floating or slippery.  clear toxic remove water, chinese herbal prescription:ma huang xiao dou wu lei tang.
3. water wet impregnation syndrome onset is slow, longer duration, body edema, according to which did not refer to, the lower extremity is very, urinary shortness, body weight, chest tightness, poor appetite, pan-evil, greasy moss, pulse slow . The Governing Law will lead to moistening of water. The use of herbs (1) common side Wupi drink and stomach Qitang addition and subtraction
4. The dampness and heat builds up in the syndrome. It is swollen. The skin is stretched brightly . It is irritating and thirsty. The urine is short, or the stool is dry, the greasy yellow coating, and the pulse count or number of turns.
Therapeutic use of moisture and heat for prescription medicine (1) Commonly used sparsely chiseled drinking and subtraction. Medicinal Pokeweed, Betel Nuts, Chixiaodou, Chuanjiao, Phellodendron, Mutong, Poria, Radix Alisma, Ginger, Zhigancao. In the middle of the two sides, the shangluo tangli diarrhea diarrhea down the water to make the evil in the water from the next to win the king of medicine; Chixiaodou, Chuanjiao head, Phellodendron, wood through the heat and dampness to swelling, molting, Tai Fupi, Alisma Tom Lee urinating, water dampness swelling, a total of ministerial medicine. Among them, betel nut and big belly skin are also feasible for qi and stagnation to take gas for water line, and licorice to reconcile medicinal properties. This is to make medicine and various herbs combined so that water and evil can be eliminated and eliminated.
(2) Addition and subtraction of hot and humid bet bladder, injury and blood network, see dysuria, hematuria embolism, increase sputum, small sputum, Rhizoma Imperatae to cool blood to stop bleeding; if the abdomen is full, constipation, physical constitution. Those who can add rhubarb, black and white ugly attack two will or use the combination of pepper and wolfberry yellow pills, to assist the power of diarrhea, so that the water from the stool and vent; if the swollen situation is serious and see the gas thicker breathlessly full of breath, pulse string Powerful person, for the water in the chest, forced by the lungs, the lung does not fall, the lungs should be Xiefei mainly water, can be used Wuzhi San, Wupi drink, etc. combined with wolfberry jujube Xiefei Tang, three sons to raise the pro-soup In order to diarrhea in the chest water; if hot and humid for a long time, dry and hurt the yin, edema, and see the dry mouth oropharynx, dry stool and other symptoms of fluid loss, can be used pig soup, both Yin, but also clear water evil is greater than, Medium heat.