Chinese medicine treats edema

First, the understanding of idema edema
Idiodema refers to an unexplained, water-salt metabolic disorder syndrome caused by non-heart, kidney, liver, mucus, malnutrition and drugs. Good hair in the middle and elderly, to women as many, the performance of repeated attacks, periodic lower limb depression edema, or eyelid edema, or although there is no obvious dented edema, but accompanied by varying degrees of obesity, giving people a feeling of fat and swollen, standing heavier than lying Bits, heavy in the evening than in the morning, the amount of night urine significantly more than during the day, often accompanied by limb drowsiness, palpitations, dizziness, lumbar acid, menstruation and other symptoms, or may have depression, easily agitated, facial redness, sweating and other manifestations of autonomic nerve dysfunction. The pathogenesis of the disease is not clear and may be related to factors such as increased capillaries permeability, abnormal protein metabolism and excessive esteroid secretion of aldosterone and estrogen. Western medicine treatment to limit sodium salt intake, the use of diuretics, rest and psychological treatment, such as poor efficacy, with Chinese medicine dialectical treatment, to level the dirty yin and yang blood, can indeed obtain satisfactory efficacy, showing the advantages of Chinese medicine treatment of the disease.
Second, idema of Chinese medicine etiology machine
Idema belongs to the category of Chinese medicine edema. Motherland medicine believes that the process of water metabolism and the lungs, spleen, kidneys are closely related, but also with the heart, liver, trijoulation and large intestine, small intestine and other organs have a certain connection. As Jingyue full book swelling pointed out: "Where edema and other evidence, is the lung spleen and kidney three organs related disease, cover water for yin, so its original in the kidney, hydration in the gas, so it is marked in the lungs; Closing the door is not good, so gather water from its class also. Up and down overflowing in the skin, so it is elbow swelling", "Su Qiao Linglan secret theory" : "three-focusers of the official of malfeasance, the waterway out of the water", "the source of all diseases and swelling" cloud: "green water, first from the face swollen body, its root in the liver", "blood evidence" is: "blood-induced water, also edema, is hemorrhoid and edema."
From clinical observation, the mechanism of edema of the disease is particularly closely related to the liver, spleen and kidneys. Many patients affected by sentiment, labor, internal injury, liver damage, depression, neglect, blood is not conducive, resulting in watercourses difficult to open. And with the spleen transport function is also closely related, spleen strong liver excretion function can be normal, liver gas machine strip is to ensure the normal transport of the spleen and stomach important conditions, spleen transport loss, then water and humidity stop for swelling. And the kidney is also closely related, human growth and development and aging, are dominated by kidney gas, women after middle age, kidney gas from the gradual decline, especially the annual "seven or seven", the day will be exhausted, the two veins will be exhausted, so that yin and yang imbalance, gasemia disorder, kidney main emphysibility water, renal yang deficiency, opening and closing adversely, water stop, water stop and cause blockage, water spill into the skin and edema.
Third, the experience of Chinese medicine treatment of idiologic edema
The clinical manifestations of the disease are multi-ended, and treatment should be treated according to the evidence. I have two types that are common in clinical practice:
1, liver and spleen false blood evidence. Testimony: puffy face, depression, chest bloating, diet reduction, fatigue, sleeplessness at night, dizziness, facial baking, menstruation or menopause, tongue light or moss thin white, pulse strings or delicate. Treatment of liver and blood, spleen and wet, live blood and water, with self-intended flavoring when the drug dispersed, prescription medicine: when returned, baiji, Sichuan 芎, white art, shoals, Zelu, Chaihu, Zelan, yi mother grass, party ginseng, jaundice, hot licorice. "Golden deficiency" when the return of medicine is the main treatment of the liver and spleen two false blood hysteresis of the famous party, when return, baiji, Sichuan 芎 blood soft liver, white surgery, palladium, zephalia to replenish the spleen wet. Return to the blood is to make up for its shortcomings, to 芎's living blood is through its hysteresis, white surgery to repair the spleen is to restore spleen transport, the moisture is diarrhea its water moisture, six drugs, diarrhea in the filling, plus Chaihu to enhance liver relief efforts, Zelan, Yi mother grass live blood and water, party ginseng, jaundice, licorice spleen. All-cutting machine, on this basis with the application of evidence plus or minus, often can obtain better efficacy.
2, spleen and kidney yang false evidence. Testimony: puffy face, face less Hua, waist soft, cold, body fat, limb heavy, discouraged fatigue, poor bloating, not tired, painless, generally longer course of illness, tongue dark tongue fat big tooth marks, weak pulse or tight, treatment temperature kidney spleen, gas Lishui, with self-made fairy five scattered plus or minus, square medicine: mutton 15g, jaundice 20g, guizhi 9g, white art 10g, slug 10g, pig 15g, Zeshui 15g, Bardet day 15g, 楮 shizi 15g, Zelan 15g, Yi mother grass 30g. Fang in the mutton, barbarian days warm kidney strong yang, kidney gas foot gasification water line, 楮 real son nourishing kidney Yin, so that it achieves the goal of warm kidney-based and yang in yin, jaundice, white art beneficial spleen to help transport water wet, Guizhi warm water wet, shoal, pig, zeezy seepage wet water, Zelan, yi mother grass live blood water, all-round rehydration and application, so that the spleen and kidney health, water wet, on this basis with the evidence plus or minus, often can obtain better efficacy.