piles, Hemorrhoids

The specific pathogenesis of hemorrhoids is not yet fully clear, which may be related to a variety of factors. At present, there are mainly the following theories.

Varicose veins theory: venous plexus is the main structure of anal cushion. The formation of hemorrhoids is inevitably related to the pathological expansion and thrombosis of venous plexus. Anatomically, there are no venous valves in the portal vein system and its branches of the rectal vein; the walls of the superior and inferior rectal veins are thin and shallow; and the submucosal tissue of the distal rectum is lax. These factors are easy to cause blood stasis and venous dilation. In addition, because the recto-anal canal is located at the lowest part of the abdominal cavity, many factors, such as long-term sitting, constipation, pregnancy, prostatic hypertrophy, giant pelvic tumors, can cause obstruction of rectal venous reflux. At present, it is quite controversial.

The theory of anal cushion moving down: anal cushion plays the role of closing anal canal and controlling defecation. Normally, the anal cushion is loosely attached to the anal muscular wall; when defecation is pushed down by downward pressure, it is retracted back to the anal canal by its own contraction after defecation. When the elastic retraction ability was weakened, the anal cushion was congested and moved down to form hemorrhoids. Western medicine mainstream supports the theory of anal cushion moving down.

It is a special medicine of traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine is divided into Chinese patent medicine and traditional Chinese medicine according to its processing technology. In the course of struggling against diseases for thousands of years, the working people of China have gradually accumulated the drug system through practice and continuous understanding. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the treatment of both exterior and interior symptoms, mild, no side effects and thorough cure are the traditional advantages of traditional Chinese medicine. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the etiology and pathogenesis of hemorrhoids lie in inappropriate diet, damaging the spleen and stomach, drying stomach and intestines, damaging body fluid, drying excrement and internal knot, forcing the large intestine; or due to damp-heat, accumulation of anus, qi stagnation and blood stasis, blockage of tendons and veins, and relaxation of tendons and collaterals, resulting in hemorrhoids. Traditional Chinese medicine therapy usually has finger pressure therapy, moxibustion therapy, cupping therapy, Chinese herbal medicine conditioning method, and there are no side effects. At present, the most effective Chinese herbal medicine conditioning method is at most. After thousands of years of development in traditional Chinese medicine science, many folk prescriptions for hemorrhoids have emerged. After numerous clinical tests, the effect is often good. It is much better than western medicine, safe and without side effects, and it is not easy to relapse after cure.


1. Food Attention: Do not eat spicy, greasy, fried and other stimulating foods, such as garlic, hot sauce, barbecue, etc., eat more new.

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Fresh fruits and vegetables, such as green vegetables, celery, apples, bananas and so on. The main staple food is light, three meals a day should be normal, do not overeat.

2. Attention in defecation: Keep the stool clear, defecate regularly every day, and don't squat in the toilet for a long time to read and play games.

3. Personal hygiene: Every day, the skin around the anus should be cleaned in time to avoid bacterial infection, daily necessities should be used separately, and underwear should be loose and comfortable.

4. Attention of medicinal tea conditioning: Drinking 2 packs of Zhitai tea every day can avoid fire, help prevent constipation, and further control the occurrence of anal fissure and hematochezia.