chinese medicine to prevent new coronavirus

Chinese medicine fights the epidemic and inherits thousands of years of national wisdom
To help the evil, to play the unique advantages of Chinese medicine
Chinese medicine is the treasure of Chinese civilization, including the Chinese nation for thousands of years of health and physiological ideas and practical experience, the cohesion of the Chinese people's broad wisdom.
The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China puts forward that it is based on deep cultural confidence to make strategic deployment by adhering to the emphasis of Chinese and Western medicine and inheriting and developing the cause of Chinese medicine.
Since the outbreak of new coronapneumonia, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed the need to adhere to the combination of Chinese and Western medicine. The central government should respond to the requirements of the leading group on the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia, strengthen the combination of Chinese and Western medicine, promote the in-depth intervention of Chinese medicine in the whole process of diagnosis and treatment, and promote effective prescriptions and traditional Chinese medicine in a timely manner. All over the country to coordinate the resources of Chinese and Western medicine, coordination, complementary advantages, playing the combination of Chinese and Western medicine combined with the treatment of fists.Chinese medicine classic "Yellow Emperor's Inner Book" cloud: "The positive spirit of the existence of the inner, evil can not do; "Chinese medicine believes that the new coronavirus is a "evil gas", the formation of highly contagious pneumonia, in the prevention and treatment must pay attention to "helping and evil."
The disease is mainly transmitted through respiratory droplets, but also through contact transmission, aerosol transmission. The incubation period is 1-14 days, mostly 3-7 days, the longest is about 14 days, and the incubation period is contagious, which is very different from SARS. At present, the source of infection is mainly new coronavirus infection pneumonia patients, most cases have a direct or indirect exposure to Wuhan City. People are generally susceptible, there have been cluster cases, the elderly and people with underlying diseases after infection is more serious, children and infants also have the disease.
(ii) Clinical performance.
Fever, cough is not the only first symptom of pneumonia with a new coronary virus infection, digestive system symptoms, neurological symptoms, cardiovascular system symptoms, ophthalmology symptoms, or only mild limb or back muscle soreness can be the first symptoms of the disease. Some epidemiological patients' own symptoms are not obvious, but they are more contagious, only showing low fever, mild fatigue, no pneumonia, and recover after 1 week. Most of the severe cases develop edphey after 1 week, and the severe progression is acute respiratory distress syndrome, sepsis shock, difficult to correct metabolic acidosis and blood clotting dysfunction. Most patients have a good prognosis, relatively mild symptoms in children, a small number of patients are critically ill or even die, and deaths are most common in the elderly and those with chronic underlying diseases.
(iii) Laboratory examination.
The total number of peripheral white blood cells in the early stages of the disease is normal or decreased, and the lymphocytes count decreases. Some patients developed increased liver enzymes, myoseses and myoglobin. Most patients with C-reactive protein and blood leveling, calcium-lowering normal. Severed D-d-dipolymer elevates. New coronavirus nucleic acidcans can be detected in samples such as sputum, pharynx swabs, lower respiratory secretions, blood, etc.
(4) Chest imaging.
Early appearance of multiple small patch shadow and interstitial changes, with lung band obvious. Then developed into double lung multiple grinding glass shadow, soaked shadow, serious can appear lung real change, chest cavity fluid is rare.
Second, the protection of medical personnel
When observing and observing cases or confirmed cases, medical personnel should follow the principle of standard prevention and additional prevention, take droplets prevention and contact prevention, in all links must do a good job of personal protection and disinfection isolation work, to do the first time to take isolation measures, the first time to carry out testing, adhere to the first doctor responsible system, regulate case detection, Reporting and disposal, the use of protective supplies can be referred to the "National Health and Health Commission Office on the issuance of new coronary virus infection in the pneumonia prevention and control of common medical protective supplies use guidelines (trial) notice" (National Health Administration Medical Letter No. 75) to implement.
Chinese medicine prevention
(i) Drug prevention
1. Substitute tea party: Prince ginseng 3g, gold and silver flower 3g, fennel 3g, orange terrier 3g, licorice 3g.
2. Basic use: jade screen scattered flavor, composed of the following: raw jaundice 12g, wind proof
10g, white 10g, silver flower 10g, even 10g, 6g, Peran 10g, Chen pi 10g, heron 10g, orange stalks 10g.
(ii) Thermal acupuncture prevention (one Ai three-use party)
Method one:
Every hour to smell the heat-sensitive acupuncture ai-san produced by ai Xiang once, each time 30 seconds. Thermal acupuncture in the pure ai velvet aromatic ingredients and live, live alone, fine xin, Sichuan in the aromatic medicine has a good aromatic wake-up brain, sensitive smell, purify the nasopharyngeal environment, improve the role of nasopharyngeal immunity, especially applicable to the propaganda of the coking and wet evil.
Method two:
Selecting the cave: Zhongyu, God, Guan yuan.
How to operate: Follow the round-trip suspension. When applying acupuncture, Aige moves slowly near the acupuncture cave area, finds the location of the special sensation of penetration, long transmission, diffusion, comfort and so on, and carries out the key to follow the round-trip acupuncture.
Acupuncture: Once a day, each time about 45 minutes of acupuncture.
On the basis of the above, can accept wheat grain acupuncture, the foot three miles plus wheat grain acupuncture, the effect is better.
Note: In the process of acupuncture, the acupuncturist should be cold proof, keep warm.
Method three:
Daily with thermal acupuncture half into 1000 ml of hot water soak feet for 30 minutes, to the forehead sweating as a degree.
Through Ai fumigation, ai acupuncture, foot bath, a three-use, once a day, there is a clear aromatic wet, Xuanda three-coke effect.
Chinese medicine treatment
This disease belongs to the category of Chinese medicine epidemic, because feel the gas of the epidemic, the whole province can be based on the condition, climate characteristics and different physical conditions, reference to the following programs for dialectical treatment.
1. Medical observation period
Clinical Performance 1: Weakness with gastrointestinal discomfort Recommended Chinese medicine: Fensan positive gas capsule (pills, water, oral fluid) clinical performance 2: weakness with fever
Recommended Chinese medicine: golden flower clear-feel particles, even flower saffron capsules (particles), mountain wax plum leaf particles, dredging detoxification capsules (particles), wind-proof holy pills (particles)
2. Clinical treatment period
(1) Early: Cold wet lung
Clinical manifestations: cold fever or no heat, dry cough, dry throat, burnout, chest tightness, stoicism, or nausea, poop, tongue light or light red, moss white, vein.
Recommended prescriptions: heron 15g, Chen Pi 10g, thick 10g, fennel 10g, grass fruit 6g, raw ephedrine 6g, live 10g, ginger 10g, penang 10g
Plus or minus: Hot heavy plus talc; cough obviously adds low tea
(2) Medium: Epidemic poison closed lung
Clinical manifestations: body heat does not retreat or warm, cough sputum less, or have yellow sputum, bloating constipation. Chest tightness, coughing and wheezing, breathlessness. Tongue red, mossy or yellow, slippery number.
Recommended prescriptions: almond 10g, raw gypsum 30g, melon withered 30g, raw yellow 6g (back down), raw jute 6g, hazelnut 10g, peach 10g, grass fruit 6g, beteling 10g, heron 10g
Plus and subtraction: high heat does not return to the Kaan Palace ox enbies or antelope horn powder (punch), bloating constipation is very close to the shell, thick and simple recommended Chinese medicine: Heyan flat injection, blood must be net injection, sputum hot injection
(3) Severe period: internal and external removal
Clinical manifestations: breathing difficulties, breathing or the need for auxiliary ventilation, accompanied by faint, irritable, sweating out of the limb cold, tongue purple dark, moss thick or dry, veins floating rootless.
Recommended prescription: ginseng 15g, black shun tablets 10g (fried first), hawthorn 15g, served sugu incense pills or Angong cow yellow pills
Recommended traditional Chinese medicine: blood must be net injection, ginseng injection, pulse injection
(4) Recovery period: pulmonary temper
Clinical performance: shortness of breath, burnout fatigue, bad nausea, full, stool powerless, then unhappy, tongue fat, mossy.
Recommended prescriptions: French half summer 9g, Chen pi 10g, party ginseng 15g, seine 30g, 15g, fennel 10g, sand kernel 6g (back down)
Recommended Traditional Chinese medicine: ginseng white art scattered, incense six Jun pills thermal acupuncture treatment: reference to "thermal acupuncture prevention (one Ai three-use party)" method.
Chinese medicine, Chinese and Western medicine combined to treat infectious atypical pneumonia, the efficacy has been affirmed by the World Health Organization. What role will Chinese medicine play in the prevention and treatment of pneumonia with the new coronavirus infection? Has it been effective in actual treatment? Are there any Chinese traditional chinese medicines or Chinese medicine components that have been proven to be effective for this disease? In response to these problems, the reporter interviewed the new coronavirus infection of the pneumonia epidemic joint prevention and control mechanism of scientific research experts, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine President Zhang Boli academician.
  What role can Chinese medicine play in the prevention and treatment of pneumonia?
  "Chinese medicine has therapeutic effect in reducing fever symptoms, controlling the progression of the disease, reducing hormone use and reducing complications. Zhang said that the pneumonia of the new coronavirus infection is the result of the game of viral infection and immune state of the body. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment is often not focused on disease, but to mobilize the body's own resistance to disease, in improving clinical symptoms, reduce complications, improve the quality of life and so on have unique advantages. "It's the same as target therapy, it's the same cure for disease. "
  "The treatment of new coronary virus infection pneumonia, Chinese medicine can be fully cured, all-round play, but I still advocate the combination of Chinese and Western medicine treatment." He said that Chinese medicine has its own strengths, its own emphasis, complementary advantages and synergy. The treatment of this pneumonia is not yet effective drugs, mainly support and treatment of the disease, China and the West to treat patients is particularly important, "to all the patients to benefit the most principle." "
  The National Congress on Traditional Chinese Medicine, held in 2019, made it clear that chinese medicine and Western medicine should complement each other and develop in harmony, giving full play to the unique advantages and roles of Chinese medicine in preventing and treating diseases. Recently, the National Health and Health Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued the "New Coronary Virus Infection pneumonia diagnosis and treatment program (trial third edition)" elaborated on the treatment of Chinese medicine. The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine has also set up a leading group to prevent and control pneumonia outbreaks of new coronavirus infection, and has organized Chinese medicine experts to actively participate in medical treatment, especially in severe and critical cases.