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Chinese medicine treatment of impotence

  • What is sexual dysfunction? Dysfunction means that normal sexual behavior cannot be performed or cannot be met in normal sexual behavior. Most sexual dysfunction has no organic lesions, which means that there are no abnormalities or lesions in sexual organs, but psychological factors.

    Sexual dysfunction is more common in men. Male sexual dysfunction is not an isolated disease, but in the process of sexual activity, sexual desire, penile erection, penis insertion into the vagina, penis maintenance for a considerable period of erection and ejaculation, five consecutive links, any one of the barriers . Common libido is abnormal, including low sexual desire, sexual aversion, hypersexuality and eroticism, erectile dysfunction, insertion disorder, and ejaculation disorder. Ejaculation disorders include: ejaculation too early, no ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation.

  • Causes of sexual dysfunction

  • 1. Psychological factors. Such as work, learning tension, economic pressure, social interpersonal tension, sexual excitement center is in a state of depression; marital status is not good, couples are not harmonious, it is difficult to produce sexual desire.

  • 2. Disease factors. Such as congenital small testicles, cryptorchidism, testicular atrophy, hyperthyroidism or decline, liver, kidney, heart, lung failure.

  • 3. Drug factors. Drugs can also cause low libido, such as reserpine, propranolol, methyldopa, hydrochlorothiazide, estrogen

  • 4. Bad living habits. Long-term alcoholism, drug abuse, etc. are the life culprits of male sexual dysfunction.

  • 5. Interpersonal relationships are tense. This mainly refers to interpersonal contradictions between the sexes, such as suspicion, jealousy, distrust, and so on. Obviously, a strong disappointment and hostility can cause the same reaction of the other party, which is harmful to sexual desire.

  • Can sexual dysfunction be cured?

  • Sexual dysfunction can be cured, but the correct treatment must be chosen. After a regular and comprehensive physical examination, comprehensive treatment, including medication, psychology, exercise and other treatments.

  • Patients with sexual dysfunction who fail to receive effective diagnosis and treatment can have the following consequences:

  • 1 Some bad habits (such as smoking, alcohol, obesity, lack of exercise and excessive stress) that cause sexual dysfunction are not corrected;

  • 2 sexual dysfunction may be an early signal or progression sign of some undiscovered physical diseases (such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, neuropathic pain, prostate cancer, etc.), neglecting the diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunction, will delay these The diagnosis and treatment of the primary disease affects the overall health of the patient and reduces their quality of life.

  • Sexual dysfunction treatment

  • Sexual dysfunction refers to the inability to conduct sexual life properly, which has a certain impact on the feelings of the couple and the happiness of the family. Therefore, sexual dysfunction should be treated actively. There are mainly the following methods for the treatment of sexual dysfunction:

  • 1, couples common treatment

  • Sexual dysfunction requires couples to treat together and treat the marital relationship as a whole to achieve curative effect and consolidate curative effect. This symptom is essentially a sexual operation anxiety, and the solution to this problem should start with two aspects of understanding and behavior.

  • 2, behavioral therapy

  • As with other behaviors, sexual intercourse is acquired the day after tomorrow. Sexual dysfunction is the result of acquired learning. It can be replaced by re-learning by establishing a new conditional learning model to replace the behavior that has been adapted.

  • 3, do more exercise

  • Studies have shown that multiple exercises promote hormone secretion. Therefore, usually exercise more, exercise, improve heart and lung function, in order to enjoy the beauty of husband and wife life. Aerobic exercise, exercise that can increase cardiopulmonary ability, such as swimming, playing, running, etc.

  • 4, psychoanalytic therapy

  • Psychologists believe that patients in the husband and wife life, such as negative, anxiety, fear, timid and other emotional changes, will aggravate the patient's own symptoms, the root cause is childhood castration anxiety, is a manifestation of personality disorder, afraid to enter the vagina. Through the techniques of "free association" and "dream analysis", the subconscious will be guided to the field of consciousness to vent, and the person will naturally accept it, and the sexual function can return to normal.


chinese herbs sex capsules

Aphrodisiac refers to a drug used to promote male sexual desire and promote sexual function. With the current pace of life and the increase of work pressure, the number of patients with sexual dysfunction is increasing day by day. Chinese medicine believes that the loss syndrome is mostly accumulated disease. You can't use the medicine of the big supplement to make up for it, but you should slowly adjust it.

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Chinese medicine treatment of impotence

The incidence of impotence in the male population is getting higher and higher, and the impotence is very unfavorable for both the patient's own health and the family's happiness. The harm of impotence is very clear to these patients. Traditional Chinese medicine is a Chinese traditional and highly popular medical choice. Chinese medicine treatment of impotence is also a concern of many people.

Chinese medicine treats impotence and stress, and finds the cause mechanism to fundamentally solve the impotence problem caused by various reasons. Chinese medicine treatment of impotence, including traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, qigong and other methods, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation, impotence and liver, kidney, Yangming three.

Yangshuo is a virtual person should be supplemented, the actual person should be diarrhea, the fire should be clear, no fire should be warm. The life of the fire is weak, the yang is both imaginary, the true yin is more damaged, and the kidney is dry. Therefore, the warming and remedy should be purely hot and dry, and the flesh and blood should be used. The hot and humid bet, the treatment of bitter cold and strong yin, light osmosis, dampness, "the principle of "kidney is strong, eager to eat hard and hard".

Commonly used Chinese medicinal materials for your reference, I hope that men in need of this can help! Schisandra: sour, warm; beneficial kidney function, suitable for impotence, spermatorrhea, slippery embolism. Epimedium: tastes sweet, sweet, warm; can help the kidney to help the yang, promote semen secretion, excitatory function.

The invention provides a Chinese medicine preparation for treating impotence, the traditional Chinese medicine composition is prepared from the following raw materials: Schisandra 10g, Cistanche 10g, Korean Ginseng 10g, Psyllium 10g, Gardenia 10g, Cinnamon 6g, Angelica 15g, ginseng 10g, Morinda 8g, licorice 6g; the treatment of impotence Chinese medicine formula of the present invention, all made of traditional Chinese medicine, the formula for men with impotence, premature ejaculation, less sperm, weak sperm infertility and other symptoms, Chinese medicine conditioning It is the safest and has few side effects. This formula has the effects of nourishing yin, aphrodisiac and kidney, especially for impotence