Chinese medicine treatment of shoulder pain

The medical methods commonly used by traditional Chinese medicine are sputum, acupuncture, moxibustion and medicine. Although these methods can treat neck and shoulder pain, the neck and shoulder pain is relatively on the surface of the human body. The methods of sputum, needle and moxibustion are more suitable. However, it needs to be analyzed according to the specific conditions. Sometimes, several methods are needed to cope with the treatment, but Chinese medicine is suitable for treating shoulder and neck pain.
Due to various bad habits in life, people often have sore symptoms such as soreness on the back of their shoulders and necks, causing many bad problems for people's lives. In fact, in daily physical health, it is also a good choice to pass some physical exercise methods. In fact, it is also possible to treat the problem of neck and shoulder pain by pressing the body acupuncture points. After verifying the following 3 points, it is most useful.
Shoulder and neck pain is one of the most common conditions, and the main cause of the damage is the local muscle damage caused by excessive fatigue of the waist, neck and back, and the local nervous system is compressed to transmit the pain signal. It is also impossible to make the vertebrae in a relatively loose state, so that it is easy to cause misplacement and have many adverse effects on people's health. Therefore, we can relieve the treatment by Chinese medicine massage.

Chinese medicine meteorite conditioning neck and neck pain method:

(1) The patient is seated. The surgeon uses a heated cooker to press the shoulder, and the deltoid muscle, the upper and lower pain points of the scapula, or both, can be held in the shoulder for 3 to 5 minutes.
(2) Clicking on the tip of the 、, rou shoulder, shoulder, shoulder, arm, Tianzong, shoulder, shoulder, Yu, shoulder, Yu, Sanli, Neiguan, Waiguan, Quchi, Hegu Waiting for a hole.
1. Early Chinese medicine treatment

1 Chinese patent medicine can be treated with papaya pills, small active dan, and Guogong wine.
2 soup can be used with experience: 10 grams of Bupleurum, 10 grams of angelica, 10 grams of white peony, 10 grams of dried tangerine peel, 10 grams of clear summer, 10 grams of medlar, 10 grams of platycodon, 10 grams of white mustard, 10 grams of black attached tablets, Qin qiu 10 grams, fu lin10 grams. Take liquor as a guide, Shuijianbi, 2 times a day, take after meals.
2. Late Chinese medicine treatment
1 Chinese patent medicine treatment: You can choose Dahuoluo Dan, Shujing Huoluo Pill, Wujiapi wine treatment.
2 soup can be used with experience: 30 grams of angelica, 30 grams of salvia, 15 grams of cassia twig, 30 grams of stalk, 18 grams of scorpion, 30 grams of rehmannia, 10 grams of fragrant, 9 grams of grass, 40 grams of honeysuckle, 20 grams of mulberry. Take it in water, 2 times a day.