Symptoms and Diagnosis
[Typical symptoms]
Symptoms of rhinitis include nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, decreased olfactory sensation, headache, dizziness, and chronic sinusitis.

1. The characteristic nasal congestion is intermittent. The nasal congestion is reduced during the day, when it is hot, during work or exercise, and the nasal congestion is increased at night when sitting or sitting in the cold place. 2. Anterior nasal examination: nasal mucosa congestion, swelling, congestion, enlargement of the inferior turbinate, the total nasal or nasal floor has more secretions, the initial water, and later gradually become mucinous, purulent.

Differential Treatment:
1, the lungs heat evil, should clear the lungs Tongqiao nose for the lungs outside the phlegm, heat and evil accumulated in the lungs, often burning the nose and the pimple for the Yuan. "Su asked to really talk about this real big problem," said: "The yin's complex, phlegm and heat within the spleen... ... then even into the lungs, cough and nasosity." Lung fever smoked sinus fistula made of skin disease, There are three major aircraft, governance is also different.
One is the wind heat attack table, the passages in the lungs, the rule when the disperse wind and heat, can Xanthium scattered Yinqiaosan addition and subtraction, commonly used drugs, Xanthium, white peony, magnolia, astragalus, Morus alba, red peony drugs , Forsythia, Nepeta each 10g, honeysuckle, TCS 15g, mint, licorice each 6g. The second is the evil pathogen, more to the speed of the disease, and facilitate the heat of the fire, it is more common for the wind to go and the lung fever Sheng.

2. Inflammation on the stomach, heavy clearing diarrhea and Yangming. The urgency of those who suffer from blisters mostly due to fiery, lung, gallbladder, stomach hot points. Yangming stomach heat steaming sinus fistula from the nose, partially visible turbidity yellow turbidity, stuffy nose, poor sense of smell, turbinate swelling, dark red mucous membranes and dry, obvious headache, sinus corresponding parts have warts, tenderness or redness. The body often has fever, thirst cited drinking, bad breath, swollen gums, constipation, urination, etc.
Hot guilty and sinuses must follow the Yangming meridians. The rule is to clear the diarrhea Yangming, detoxification pus, smooth sinus Tongyu for the purpose of using

self-resolved Yimajiedu decoction. For people with stomach cramps and heat, with the card to add rhubarb, gypsum, etc., clinical quite handy. Commonly used drugs, Cimicifuga 10g, Radix Puerariae 15g, Radix Paeoniae Rubra, Astragalus membranaceus, Houttuynia each 12g, dandelion 20g, Platycodon grandiflorum, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Radix Sophorae, 10g each of Xanthium, and 6g of licorice.
3 Hot and humid intrinsic, when the gallbladder clears the spleen, the liver and gallbladder, and the spleen and stomach, the damp-heat accumulation of sinus fistula, is more common in the nascent-poor evidence. The local features of this card are clear, and it can be seen that there are many yellow-green or yellow turbidities in the nose, the loss of olfactory sensation, swelling of the red mucosa of the nasal mucosa, and severe headache. Systemic symptoms are not prominent, liver and gallbladder dampness, or see the mouth bitter, dry throat, dizziness, tinnitus; spleen and stomach dampness, or see tired and stay nausea; but red tongue, greasy yellow moss can often reflect the characteristics of the disease is hot and humid. Liver and gallbladder damp heat syndrome, should choose Longdanxiegan decoction. Commonly used drugs, gentian, wolfberry fruit, jaundice, Bupleurum each 10g, Alismataceae, Plantago, Angelica, Xanthium, Angelica 10g, Rehmanniae 15g, licorice, wood through the 6g.