modern medicine will be divided into two categories of hemorrhagic cerebrovascular disease and ischemic cerebrovascular disease. Among them, hemorrhagic cerebrovascular diseases mainly include hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage, and ischemic cerebrovascular diseases include cerebral thrombosis, cerebral embolism, and TIA. TCM considers this disease to be a type of disease in which yin and yang dizf0002sorders, visceral vulvae, qi and blood disorders are caused by worries of irritated, inconsiderate diets, intoxicating desires, etc., and are listed as the top four Chinese medicine certificates. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of this disease has always been valued by ancient and modern physicians, and the well-known old and new generation of TCM scholars have had clinical experience and experience in treating this disease.
Etiology and pathogenesis The cause of this disease is more complicated and the pathogenesis is complex and changeable. Ren Jixue elaborated on the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease and had a different perspective. There are three causes: one is emotional disorder (angry, anger-based); the other is eating disorders (eats food or excessive salty food); Suffering from diabetes (dysentery). There are two pathogenesis, one is the gas street of the brain suffers, the air machine is obstructed, causing the air to wind, the wind moving heat, heat as the fire gradually, long time but no solution, wind and heat injury brains great, small network Sun veins; Second, the “blood sea of ​​blood in the brain” has damaged blood, meridians, and hairy veins, causing blood clots, blood circulation disorders, and blood clotting, phlegm, heat knots, and poisoning. Machanism of the brain can not be confused, the internal wind leads the heat evil fire poison, after harassing the brain collateral veins, hair veins of the membrane, and the context of the wind by the heat of the drum force, membrane rupture, network crack, blood can not beam Blood, whose brain cannot consolidate blood, will have its blood spilling out of it. It will be blamed on the "Qiong Room," where the brain's sperm mass will be damaged, and the meridians will be obstructed. The pathogenesis will fail. The yin and yang cannot be used interchangeably. Yin and YAng must balance. Although the acute phase of stroke is based on the actual deficiency of stroke, Wang Yongyan focuses on the identification of severe acute stroke (standard blood stasis and phlegm stasis), and combines modern medical classification of this disease to further clarify its pathogenesis. In order to be suitable for the treatment of clinical integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, ischemic stroke is mainly caused by wind phlegm, blood stasis, phlegm, fever, qi deficiency and yin deficiency.Hemorrhagic stroke is a result of wind and fire, turbidity, and evil heat inside the closed heart, resulting in the loss of vitality. Kong Bohua said that this disease is caused by internal factors, and then induced by external factors. That is, dysentery is lurking in the organs (hepatic fever, anger, accumulation of food, phlegm, meridians, and qi deficiency, etc.). Wang Luqiu believes that the pathogenesis of a disease caused by stroke may include turbulence, blood stasis, and turbidity.zf03

Wang Shi’s special emphasis is on “瘀” and “痰”. "瘀" means that either the blood stasis due to ischemic cerebrovascular disease causes bleeding or the bleeding caused by bleeding from cerebrovascular disease, both of which have a "cockroach" factor; and "cockroach" means Although the disease is caused by wind, fire, sputum, and gas, it can be seen from its pathogenesis and pathological outcome that “痰” is one of the particularly important pathological factors, namely, “no sputum, no stroke”. Can be described as the key to its pathogenesis. Qi Xuefeng believes that the occurrence of stroke should be located in the "brain," and should be based on the theory that "the evil spirits are guilty of the brain". He pointed out: "When strokes are mainly brains, all incentives are secondary, and their prescriptions should also be brain-based.The precursor of stroke is to perturb the body's blood and turbulence at the time of the instinct, and to walk through the veins and meridians of the brain to characterize the "movement." In particular, it is pointed out that the water system is the core of the pathogenesis of acute stroke.Although there are many pathogenic factors such as wind, fire, phlegm, and deficiency, all of them are related to the formation of blood stasis. Water (turbidity, water drinking) is produced by the impediment of body fluids, and its formation is closely related to blood stasis. Cerebral blood stasis, qi block, the water and Tianjin can not, the water gathered from the drink, drink convergence into phlegm, phlegm accumulation of phlegm, and then increase blood block. Shaw "thinks that as long as the blood stasis of acute stroke is blocked, the retention of water drink will inevitably progress". The heavier the brain blood stasis, the greater the accumulation of water and phlegm, the two are interrelated and affect each other. Cheng Menxue felt that the foreign winds were appearances, realities, and cold, and (real) were rare, with lighter certificates and fewer changes. The inner wind belongs to the inside, the imaginary, and the hot (in the category). It is the most common and the certificate is heavier and more varied. The two affect each other, and the evil outside the wind can enter the country, and the illness [1] can be seen in the wind. The certificate is imaginary and truthful, and there are deficiencies in the real; there are differences between the cold and the heat.


traditional herbs treatment of stroke

Treatment methods: For patients with cerebral hemorrhage, they can be treated with Baitong plus pig bile.The disease was caused by a loss of real dollars and a chilly and overwhelming presence. It was caused by the rejection of virtual positive cells. Therefore, in addition to the use of hot ginger, aconite heat to help positive cold, but also with light blue to yang. However, diseases that are too cold and overcast are bound to discourage positive drugs. Therefore, adding drugs such as urine and pig bile to cold medicine will guide the use of heat medicine. Cold evils are being turned, real dollars are inspiring, false fires in the head must return to the element, dangers are relieved, and then supplemented with meridians and drugs that can destroy the blood in the brain in a relatively short period of time. (After taking Baitong plus pig bile soup, the patient may temporarily experience irritability and fever, and the symptoms of Zhang Chuan are astonishing. The doctor does not have to panic. This is a manifestation of Yang Qi and Yin Yin going out. At 3 a.m. or 5 p.m., symptoms must be resolved. Will reduce or eliminate, should not be treated first aid. Moreover, virtual fire to return to the brain, the brain cool, the symptoms of the body will naturally eliminate the same). The
For patients with cerebral thrombosis, the first certificate of withdrawal with large doses of Shenfu Tang (Ginseng and Fuzi each more than 60g to the dregs and concentrated) emergency, and then available Buyang Huanwu Tang Sini Tang treatment. The raw astragalus in Buyang Huanwu Decoction must be used up to 120g. The All three kinds of drugs in Sini Decoction must be used for more than 30g. Such dosage will only be too small and not too much. The Sini soup side: 30 grams of aconite 40 grams of dried ginger 50 grams of licorice.



Causes: The common causes of hemiplegia due to stroke are the following: hypertension, arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, diet, obesity, overwork, emotional disorders, smoking, alcohol abuse, etc., and traumatic brain injury, cerebral vascular malformation, Cerebral aneurysms, brain tumors, intracerebral infections, degenerative brain diseases, and demyelinating diseases can also cause hemiplegia.
The difference between the two lies in whether there is any obstacle to consciousness. Therefore, acupuncture also divides the meridians and organs in the middle.
Scalp Acupuncture points Three needles are located in the head and temples, and the fistula I passes through the Shigu acupoint and the Kuan Sun acupoint. The former is a foot sun and the Shaoyang meeting. The latter is a meeting of the hand and foot and Shaoyang; The yang points of the Yang and Yangming confessions and the Qufu point of the Sun and Shaoyang Society; the phlegm III needle is near the Tian Chong point. The point is the intersection of the foot sun and Shaoyang, and the body acupuncture points: upper limbs Acupoint selection: Hegu, foreign customs, hand three miles, Quchi, shoulder scapular, lower body acupoints: Liangqiu, Xuehai, Zusanli, Yanglingquan, Xuanzhong, Jiexi and other acupoints, and then according to syndrome differentiation, Qi deficiency and blood stasis Type aerated sea, blood sea; Liver and kidney yin plus plus Shenshu, Taixi