Thyroid diseases

hyroid diseases are mainly divided into two categories: thyroid diseases treated by internal medicine and thyroid diseases treated by surgery. Thyroid diseases treated by internal medicine mainly include hyperthyroidism (commonly known as hyperthyroidism) and thyroiditis (including acute, subacute and chronic thyroiditis). Surgically treated thyroid diseases include goiter and thyroid tumors. The main difference between the two is that thyroid function tests of thyroid diseases treated by internal medicine are abnormal, while thyroid function tests of thyroid diseases treated by surgery are normal. But they are not absolutely isolated. They can also be transformed from one another. Especially, medical thyroid diseases may also require surgical treatment. This article mainly introduces goiter, hyperthyroidism (hyperthyroidism), thyroiditis and thyroid tumors in four kinds of thyroid diseases.


Thyroid disease is a kind of disease characterized by agglomeration of the anterior cervical anterior larynx. Chinese medicine believes that the disease is unsuitable for water and soil, or internal injuries, or eating disorders, or lack of enrichment, resulting in stagnation of the qi before the neck. Or knotted into pieces. The cause is the congenital inheritance, emotional depression, viral infection, etc., the formation of iodine deficiency, simple goiter, on behalf of the medical system, the main symptoms of hyperthyroidism, thyroid thyroiditis and other diseases. Throughout the ages, some doctors often use the sea to control the treatment of such diseases, seaweed, kelp, sea pumice, conch and other qi and phlegm, scattered thin and thin tablets of traditional Chinese medicine for treatment. Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that kelp, seaweed, and kelp are the main components, and the kelp is the highest, followed by seaweed tape and other marine drugs for the treatment of thyroid disease.

Advantages of TCM Dialectical Therapy in the Treatment of Thyroid Disease


1. First principles: holistic treatment, systemic conditioning, screening can restore the hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid axis endocrine.

2. Therapeutic mechanism: S

tarting from human pathology and immunity, enhance the body's immunity, regulate the balance of endocrine system, improve microcirculation, activate the activity of enzyme in the body, and regulate the internal circulation.


3. Efficacy: Shugan Liqi Ruanjian Sanjie nourishes Yin and Qianyang, invigorates Qi, tranquilizes mind, promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis, so that the medicine effect can reach Qi and Blood directly, giving consideration to both Qi and Blood.


Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes "treating diseases for the root cause". The treatment of thyroid diseases not only focuses on the treatment of thyroid itself, but also pays special attention to correcting the disorder of human internal environment, so as to achieve the purpose of treating diseases.