【Etiology and Pathogenesis】 The disease is caused by the stomach and spleen, and the spleen and stomach are both yin and yang. The likes and dislikes are the same. The spleen and stomach have the same disease. It is easy to see the virtual standard and the cold and heat are miscellaneous. On the other hand, the spleen and stomach is easy to make In fact, the internal organs are injurious to each diet, or they may be sensational to six. They may also be exhausted by emotions. Therefore, qi stagnation, blood stasis, heat and dampness, and phlegm stasis are often associated with deficiency of the spleen and stomach, and deficiency of stomach yin. , Deficiency of the spleen and stomach, etc. is also false card see . 1, cold evil stomach:
abdominal cold, or served cold, cold evil in the spleen and stomach, resulting in qi stagnation, stomach gas discord, received quoted pain.
2, diet hurt the stomach:
diet, excessive eating, damage the spleen and stomach, endogenous food stagnation, resulting in stomach gas machine block, stomach gas loss and pain; or too spicy food, excessive drinking, spleen impedes stomach Hot and humid air phlegm is.
3, liver gas guilty of stomach
: Qiqing internal injuries, liver loss and divulgence transversal violation of stomach and stomach loss and drop, and the occurrence of stomach pain or liver failure, long-term qi stagnation, blood stasis, qi injury stomach network , made for stomach pain.
4, weakness of the spleen and stomach:
lack of body, or excessive fatigue or diet damage or chronic illness and stomach damage, or lack of kidney yang deficiency in the temperature, can cause weakness of the spleen and stomach, coke Deficiency, resulting in loss of stomach temperature and pain. In addition, fever, injury Yin, or stomach heat Yu, burn stomach yin, or Jiufu fragrant dry, qi of the product, consumption of stomach Yin Yin stomach can also occur this disease

Classification and treatment 1, liver and stomach disharmony see stomach cramps pain or pain string two threats, frequent hernia, mixed pantothenic acid. Reddish tongue, thin white or white fur; pulse string. Governing Law Shugan Qi and stomach analgesic prescriptions: Chaihu Shugan San addition and subtraction 2, spleen and stomach weakness, see stomach cramps pain, stomach pain like hi warm, bulging stuffy after eating, full of appetite, eat poor food, clear diarrhea, fatigue limbs Sour. The tongue is reddish, the fur is thin and white, and there are tooth marks; the veins are fine. Governing Law: Qi, warm, spleenRecipe Huang Xi Jianzhong Decoction. 3, spleen and stomach dampness and fever see stomach cramps burning pain, abdominal discomfort, thirsty not want to drink, mouth bad breath, urine yellow. The tongue is red, the tip is dark red, the moss yellow is thick or greasy, and the pulse is slippery or tight. Governing Law: Qinghua Changzhong, Tongqi Weiqi prescription: Wendantang addition and subtraction, 4. stomach yin deficiency symptoms see stomach cramps burning pain, dry mouth, dry stool, dry tongue, Shaoxing or crack, pulse or string fine. Governing Law: Yangyin Yiwei. Prescriptions have consistently been combined with peony and licorice decoction . 5, gastric collaterals and phlegm, see epigastric pain, there is no choice, according to stomach pain, prolonged healing, fecal occult blood or black blood. Dark red tongue, or purple dark, or ecchymosis; pulse string astringent treatment: blood circulation, qi and pain relief prescription Xiaoshen San Salvia drink addition and subtraction  acupuncture and moxibustion treat for ulcer

【Prevention and Nursing】 1.Because you must have regular diets, regular physical activity, and physical exercise, pay attention to work and rest and actively treat acute gastritis and other diseases. Chronic inflammation such as nose, pharynx, and oral cavity must be cured in time. Invasion of bacteria and toxins in the stomach triggers inflammation of the gastric mucosa. 3 to avoid drug damage gastric mucosa, such as antipyretic analgesics erythromycin tetracycline, reserpine, indomethacin prednisone, cortisone, etc.) all have the role of stimulating gastric mucosal damage, should be avoided. 4 Emotions are closely related to gastritis Patients should maintain a pleasant spirit and avoid mental stimulation.5, diet to emphasize "five": to chew, chewing slowly can reduce the rough food on the gastric mucosal stimulation, should be section, diet should be rhythm, avoid overeating and food without time; Yi Jie, pay attention to food hygiene Prevent external microorganisms from invading the gastric mucosa; should be fine, try to eat fine and easily digestible, nutritious food; should be light and light food, sweet, thick, spicy and other foods, drink less and strong tea 6, due to the disease Often have repeated attacks, lingering lingering, longer duration of the characteristics should be advised to patient treatment to be patient and persevere. Even after the cure, it should be reviewed regularly every year to reduce the recurrence of the disease.